OLU OWERRI, A DROWNED, MYOPIC AND UNPATRIOTIC GROUP. Martin Agbaso, The Mouthpiece Of Owerri Zone – Owerri Patriotic Front (OPF)

Our attention has been drawn to an unwarranted, and disrespectful publication against the person of Chief Martin Agbaso (Ochoudo) where you deliberately posted false facts just to deceive the reading public in your usual mudslinging manner.

The said ignorant publication did not deserve ours or indeed any educated persons response, but on a second thought, we resolved to make some truths known so as not to allow these your blatant lies, deceitful and selfish statements continue spreading. As such we state that;

Olu owerri is not the apex socio political group of owerri indigenes, in Imo state and in Diaspora because you only exist on the internet and in newspaper publications. You likewise lack and do not have the moral, civil, and physical capacity to lead and guide Owerri people, not in the past or now or ever.

That the support of Chief Martin Agbaso for the candidacy of distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma is on the grounds that firstly Owerri people have one common enemy in the person of Owelle Rochas Okorocha, who has through his wicked administration impoverished and destroyed the genuine means of livelihood, of Owerri people.

That the emergence of Okorocha in 2011 was orchestrated by the betrayal of Chief Agbaso by the same Owerri people of the likes of Olu Owerri. These were the same Judases who earlier connived with some Okigwe elements to deprive Chief Agbaso of his hard won victory in 2007. Ochoudo understanding the yearnings of Owerrri people for good governance and the removal of the current scourge in Douglas house stepped forward once again to fight for his people as in the past.

Similarly Chief Agbaso’s support for Senator Hope Uzodinma is on the same grounds that Owerri people are completely fed up with Rochas and have been hunting for someone with the capacity to stop the 3rd term mission of Owelle Rochas Okorocha. He finally saw it in the person of Sen. Hope Uzodinma whose ticket was secured by the collective roles of Owerrri sons who participated in the APC governorship primaries in Imo.

We make bold to state that Chief Martin Agbaso has written his name indelibly in gold as an outstanding and beloved leader in Owerri zone. Who has always offered himself to any cause that is in the best interest of Owerri zone, even when it goes contrary to his personal interest and gain.

It is clear that the candidacy of Ihedioha has not gained the acceptance of Owerri people and we cannot be hooked to any project which is not suitable or in the best interests of our people. As such we cannot allow our people to embark on a futile venture as our people have openly rejected his Ihedioha’s candidacy as he lacks the capacity, goodwill and means to lead us in this struggle of reclaiming our state from Okorocha. Therefore, you cannot expect a renowned and progressive leader like Chief Martin Agbaso (Ochoudo) to key into a mission that is not realizable. If Ihedioha could not defeat Okorocha when he was the number six citizen of Nigeria and with over 20 billion Naira war chest from constituency projects and donations from various groups and individuals, he cannot stand Okorocha now that he is an ordinary cashless citizen. And by the way if Ihedioha finally realized how potent Ochoudo’s support could be, why wouldn’t he be man enough to come ask for help as a properly brought up man or trained professional would do. Rather he resorts to slander and cheap lies from these lowest of e-rats.

We therefore enjoin the good people of Owerri zone and Imo at large to work towards realizing this project of Chief Agbaso’s, as he has been tested over time, his character, integrity and interest for us his people paramount in all he does. He has shown that he always stands with the people. He is a political heavy weight and revered leader in Owerri and Imo who does not seek to pursue his selfish interests.

We therefore encourage Chief Agbaso to continue the noble and timely contributions he has been rendering and commit even more time and energy in realizing this our Hope Uzodinma project and to speak for Owerri zone in all issues and matters concerning our collective interest and development.

Never again will Imo people be hoodwinked to support an unmarketable candidate like Ihedioha like we did in 2015. We therefore adopt Senator Hope Uzodinma as the governorship candidate of Owerri zone in the March 9th governorship election and advise Ochoudo Martin Agbaso to ignore all these grossly incompetent detractors who unemployed adult youths only looking for penury income.

Engr. Jude Odunna 

National Chairman.

Sir. David Okoro

National Secretary

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