The days of Fulani hegemony in Nigeria are numbered.

I love history because it repeats itself.

ZANZIBAR is part of Tanzania. Tanzania is in the East of Africa. ZANZIBAR is an island within the Indian ocean.

For over 500 years, ZANZIBAR was ruled by Arabs who enslaved black Africans and forced them into slave labour in their plantations.

In fact, Zanzibar was once a foreign territory of Oman (colony of Oman). Oman is a country of Arabs in the gulf in the middle East, sharing borders with the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

For over 200 years, Zanzibar was ruled by Sultans from Oman.

But one day go be one day, monkey go go market but i no go return.

Tanzania/Zanzibar were colonised by the British who gave them independence in 1963. But when the British were leaving, they rigged elections in favour of the minority Arab Muslims in Zanzibar and handed over power to the Arab minority (similar thing the British did in Nigeria).

At the time, the population of the Arabs in Zanzibar was about 50 thousand people while the black owners of the land were 3 million in numbers.

This angered the blacks and a young black African man named John Gideon Okello, originally from Uganda rose in defence of the blacks.

John Okello was a very strong Roman Catholic Christian. He was raised by Catholic reverend fathers.

Okello was a bricklayer and painter by profession. He hated the British for putting him in jail for 2 years over an accusation of rape he did not commit.

So, on the night of 11th January 1964, John Okello (Please see attached picture. He is the one sitting down) along side 300 soldiers he trained himself started a revolution to end Arab rule in Tanzania/Zanzibar.

In less than 24 hours, over 30,000 Arabs and Pakistanis of Zanzibar were massacred.

The Sultan Jamshid bin Abdullah ran away from Zanzibar on a ship with his family to Portsmouth, England, where he still lives till date with his family aged 89. He ruled Zanzibar from 1st July 1963 till 12th January 1964 following his overthrow by Okello.

John Gideon Okello was born in 1937 and died in 1971 (aged just 34) in Uganda, killed by Idi Amin Dada, the then muslim president of Uganda.

During the training of his army, Okello asked his soldiers not to have sex, eat meat or drink alcohol. He was very religious.

After the revolution, Okello stepped-aside and appointed a black African named Abeid Karume as president. Okello retained his title as Field Marshal of Zanzibar. He returned back to Uganda.

Idi Amin also addressed himself as Field Marshal and did not want 2 field Marshals in Uganda. So he had Okello assassinated.

When asked how he managed to achieve what he did since he wasn’t an officially-trained soldier, Okello replied by saying that he was trained and led by the gods of Africa.

Till date since 12th January 1964, Tanzania/Zanzibar have remained in the hands of the rightful owners, the black Africans and they’ve managed the economy well.

The summary of this story is that nothing lasts forever and that God knows how to use ordinary men to humble the ‘powerful’.

The Fulani hegemony in Nigeria shall surely come to an end soon.

By Maduka Chinemelum Ogwueleka.

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