It is a big shame that values and truth have been so destroyed in Nigeria.

It is so disgraceful and shameful that electoral results are now being manipulated to favour those who did not win because of silly and stupid considerations that they will be made ranking members in the Senate and house of Rep .

Why will any sane and honourable person support the daylight robbery of someone’s mandate just because you think he is not in a position to be Senate President or Speaker of house of Rep from the east ? What kind of fraud , madness and demagoguery is this ?

Can someone tell me concretely what we as a people will benefit by destroying values, being part of stealing someone’s mandate and roguery just because we want to have Senate Presidency or Speaker from the SE ?

Katsina state has produced two presidents and a vice president, please can someone here educate me on how these lofty positions have made Katsina state a haven that is better than the other 35 states in Nigeria ?

The poverty index and literacy level in Katsina state is amongst the worst in Nigeria at 86% and 23 % respectively . The Presidents they produced have not in any way made them better than anyone because of the roguery and fraudulent feeding bottle and beggarly quasi unitary structure we have been running since 1966. We must RESTRUCTURE NIGERIA FOR THEIR TO BE INCLUSIVE WEALTH CREATION AND GROWTH FOR THE MAJORITY.

Can someone educate me on how Bayelsa became a haven under Jonathan for 5 years. Are Bayelsans in anyway better than Anambrarians?

This jungle is truly doomed with this kinds of mindset . I am shocked at the level of amnesia , ignorance, wickedness and foolishness in the land . God have mercy.

We are in trouble when people justify and condone evil because of selfish considerations

God have mercy on us all. God please do not allow the remnants to join this queue of wickedness and perversion in Jesus name amen

Dr Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri., FICA, MIRA

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