The real reason why Zamfara killings are not abating is gradually coming out. The North is obviously playing with the intelligence of the South.

I’ll quote copiously from Premium Times.

Briefing newsmen in Abuja this evening, the IGP, Mohammed Adamu, unwittingly revealed:

“… intelligence reports clearly established a strong and glaring nexus between the activities of armed bandits and ILLICIT miners – with both mutually re-enforcing each other.”


So we even have “illicit” miners in the North? How come the army never warned them like they do with the “illegal” oil bunkerers in the South? What are they really mining? …Gold? Diamond? Or Uranium?

Why haven’t we officially prospected for solid minerals in the North with the billions of dollars we are wasting prospecting for oil in the North?

But let’s continue:

Announcing that mining activities in Zamfara and other affected states are suspended with immediate effect, the IGP said:

“Any mining operator who engages in mining activities in the affected locations henceforth will have his LICENCE revoked… all foreigners operating in the mining fields should close and leave within 48hours.”


Licence revoked? Which licence? So they were even licensed? Licensed to mine what? Where is the generated revenue going to? We know about the Oil Mining Licence (OML) and Oil Prospecting Licence (OPL) in the South, but which licence are these guys talking about in Zamfara?

So some foreigners are licensed to mine something in Zamfara but we don’t know? Why don’t they arrest them if it’s an “illicit” activity? How can foreigners invade your country and illegally mine your resources without getting arrested?

We can now deduce that the Zamfara killing is all about “territorial control” by budding militants, just like in the early days of Niger Delta.

In those days, the quantity of the territory you control and the power you exert will determine the amount of Royalties you will get from the foreign oil company’s.

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