They hoard their gold, diamond mines and other solid minerals. They believe in jihad, sharia, religious conflicts, ethnic cleanings and federal character. That sums up the region with the people who boast of political supremacy to rule Nigeria forever. That sums up the state of the union.

With the north, Nigeria is completely hopeless. With the north, count on incompetence, tom foolery and a believe system anchored on fascism and autocracy to achieve predetermined political objectives. It’s the North’s agenda to northernise the security agencies. It’s the North’s hidden agenda to have the country as an Islamic state for its total dominance over other ethnic nationalities south of the River Niger.

If the above is not dispiriting and despairing, consider the fact that with the cowering to submission of other ethnic nationalities with the help of the military, the north hopes to have Nigeria as the center of Fulani nationalism where every Fulani from the West African Sub-region will congregate. The Fulani hopes to become perhaps the preeminent and dominant tribe in Africa with Nigeria as its headquarters.

In such a scenario, expect more conflicts, more ethnic cleanings, more destruction of properties and acquisition of ancestral lands from the middle belt downwards. Already, some have threatened thunder, fire and brimstone should other ethnic tribes aspire for the presidency in 2023. There are latent moves to amend the constitution to enable Buhari become a life president.

That’s the daunting scenario the country faces in the coming years. As a result, it becomes purely academic to view Nigeria in constant state of flux and fragile peace. For one, the Fulani herdsmen have proved to be unstoppable in their southwards march to conquer any other opposing forces.

The “bandits” in Zamfara will be protected at all costs by their sponsors. In the north east, Boko Haram will prove a hard nut to crack for the army. Therefore, don’t be surprised thousands of “deradicalised” foot soldiers of the insurgency conveniently absorbed into the Nigerian Army. The prospects of one of them becoming the Chief of Army Staff can only be imagined.

For those who think one Nigeria is sustainable, think again. First, restructuring of Nigeria is now an expensive pipe dream. Any attempt to amend the constitution to achieve political parity is another pipe dream. In the coming years, saboteurs from the south will grow tenfold. More southerners will be paid billions of naira to sell their ancestral lands for cattle ranches. Increasingly, more southern elite would prefer to settle in countries other than Nigeria.

Lastly, a Sudanese cum Algerian style Nigerian-Spring is unlikely because most Nigerians are too much in love with their lives and their earthly possessions to fight for freedom. They think mental and real slavery is better than hell! Don’t blame them; the side effects of finally ceding the will to fight are real. Southerners also believe Jesus Christ will soon come down from heaven and liberate them from the Fulani herdsmen. Ask CAN for the details on how this will work.

Ebi B Asain

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