SILENCE IS GOLDEN” BUT NOT NOW!!! By Arc. Arthur Obi Nwandu.

The dust raised during the last APGA primary election is beginning to settle albeit that the sores remain festering.

At the centre of the sad incident is no other than the National Chairman of the party, Chief Victor Oye. The buck starts and ends at his desk unless he is a stooge

My grouse with Oye is that for one who had Greatness presented to him on a platter against all odds threw it to the dogs.

How can such a position of Great importance and significance to Ndigbo be entrusted to a man who never paid his dues within the Party or in the Anambra political firmament?…….

Those instrumental to his emergence have questions to answer and must be culpable in this macabre dance in the market place.

I personally saw this coming but not in the messy and unprofessional manner it unfolded…… “All dogs eat shit but you can only point a finger at the one that eats and displays the act”

Until the sad events that occurred at the time of the last Primary elections of 2018, Oye was beginning to look every inch a Charismatic and God fearing party chairman until all hell broke loose”……

I wish to use this medium to appeal to Chief Victor Oye and his promoters to forget the idea of another tenor in that position as it will drive the final death knell in the heart of APGA

APGA as a sacred party and mass movement of Ndigbo is above us all and must be defended with the last drop of our blood and sweat no matter whose ox is gored.

If we must refer back to the period Chief Martin Agbaso made a serious case for the position of Party Chairman, I’m inclined to believe that was a blessing in disguise.

Agbaso, on hindsight may have offered the party a more purposeful and dynamic leadership and to offer our sister states the opportunity to produce a Chairman that would have given APGA” a better sense of belonging within our people and perhaps position it more as a National party/ movement instead of a one state affair.

Yes” APGA did very well in the State assembly elections but we should not yet cry Uhuru!!! There is still fire on the mountain. What transpired during the primaries can not easily be swept under the carpet. It was a gross error of judgement and height of Greed.

On voting for the next APGA party Chairman all must be discerning and circumspect in our choice so we don’t reduce ourselves and party to more scorn and ridicule.

Every truly Great History sometimes comes with a fall but we must not remain down but get up and possibly run faster than ever before…..

Ndigbo daalunu!!!


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