The chicken has come home to roost.

Now they kill themselves daily.

It is a land flowing in blood. Their own blood.

In most states of northern Nigeria the diet of death is served as breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is served stone cold in blood.

They do not comprehend what has befallen them. The awareness of how deeply they have fallen into trouble is not too obvious to them. They don’t know what hit them.

They are the children of wickedness. The offspring of evil doers. They have innocent blood on their hands.

The promise of God that He will visit generation upon generation of evil doers did not come back void after all. This is exemplified by the massacres in the north.

From Borno to Yobe. From Zamfara to Kaduna. It is bloodbath everywhere in northern Nigeria. Not forgeting the ethnic cleansing in the Benue. No place is safe in northern Nigeria. Kebbi state is centre of hell. They have turned their guns against themselves.

Helicopters in the air now escort  the train to move her human cargo. They have deserted their roads.

What does the future hold for northern Nigeria?

God said He will bring every deed into judgement. Today, that Judgement has arrived for northerners.

They take delight in killing others. They derive joy and gladness in reaping where they did not sow.

_”Woe to those who devise wickedness and work evil … because it is in the power of their hand.”_

In the power of their hand, they massacred two million Igbos and minorities of the south; with power in their hand they sat on the resources of other regions of Nigeria; with power in their hand they mount police, army, custom checkpoints all over Igboland, extorting innocent motorists; with power in their hand, they unleashed Operation Python Dance on innocent citizens in Aba and Umuahia, the Igbo heartland.

Man is evil. The northerners epitomize evil in the treatment meted out to Igbos. They are relentless in their efforts to subjugate those who came to dwell in their land.

Every day, the body bags increase. It can only be that, finally, God is keeping to His promise by coming to Judgement.

You cannot go scot free, no matter how long it takes. That is the reality facing the north.

The ruling class are on the run. The exclusive sections of northern cities are deserted. An unintended, unplanned and hurried exodus has now come. The street urchins are the new leaders. The new kids on the block.

The irony is that arms are everywhere. The northern society is saturated with illegal arms procured by the same elites. They first bombed the churches and trained their guns on visitors. Then businesses started to close and investors fled. They now focused on themselves. Its an open killing filed.

The economy of the north is in ruins. The farmers are suffering the most. They can no longer cultivate their lands. Either they face bullets from herdsmen, or total wipe-out of men, women and children by marauders. The lifewire of the north is under threat.

Still, their leaders, like the ostrich that buried her head in the sand, have not fully come into realization that the game is up. That indeed a plague driven by AK47 assault rifles has arrived to wipe out a whole generation.

They are still busy in Abuja sharing the taxes and oil revenues from Southern and Eastern Nigeria.

But even in Abuja, the fear is palpable.

Liberty has taken flight.

But they have refused to hear the voice of reason and atone for their sins and change their evil ways. They want to hold Nigeria by the neck and bleed the nation dry.

Issues of devolution of power and financial autonomy to unleash development is alien to the leaders of the north. Blind dominance is all they crave for.

Unfortunately, they are now looking back over their shoulders in their own region.

The enemy is no longer in Igboland but in hausaland. Their leaders are scared to death.They have no place to run to. Their army has failed them.

There are little selfish pontifications against the Igbos for now. They have their hands full of their own blood, oozing like a river. It is indeed rivers of blood. It is now northern blood, not Igbo blood.

As the saying goes, “the evil that men do ….”

Prince Eze Ugochukwu

Ochiagha Nkwerre

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