I never got worried over the recent drama ongoing between the “presidency” and the rampaging and terrorists herdsmen to which the notorious MiyyetiAllah Cattle Breeders Association is their umbrella body. My worries have always been on the part of some bunch of morons of southern extraction whose whole essence of “education” and “exposure”, have been at destroying what supposed to be their tool of engagement. From Ohanaeze to Aferifere, down to Pandef are nothing but hopeless docile group of the south. They are more of internal destructive competitors against the external competition they ought to have engaged on.


The Fulani tribe in Nigeria is unarguably, a migrated tribe. This is never an intangible position rather an information accessible from public domain. This most despicable tribe succeeded in conquering their Hausa host and lured the entire north under psychological subjugation of “Arewa”. The middle beltans and the rest of non fulani northern tribes were controlled through this false notion. They felt there is equilibrium in representation via the Arewanism, only to lately realised that Arewa concept is more of a confederation of the rest of people of the north under highly unitarised Fulani control. They were late to realized that Fulani brought the Arewa idea in other to control the non Fulani northerners.

It is this concept they used in luring the rest of north to defend Nigeria their estate from 1967-1970 against the Biafran people. They rest of north finished fighting for the Fulani estate (Nigeria), only to get sidelined and recycled on garbage bags. Various attempts by the non Fulani northerners to seek equal distribution from the Fulani estate under the ponzi scheme of Arewa, was rebuffed and repelled with either killings or reminded that “there are real northerners”.

Today, the rest of north have out of their stupidity aided the fulanis to conquer and consolidate power and rulership over them. The Arewanism and “one north” as a colonial ideologies applied before the rest of the north, is been destroyed to by the same fulanis who propagated these ideas. As at the time of using the rest of north to protect the Fulani estate (Nigeria), Arewa and “one North” ideas were beckoning and given much attention. But today, the Fulanis are taking a walkout from the Arewanism and “one north” into proper establishment of their ownership of north. What most gullible ones don’t know is that the present recognition of MiyyetiAllah as at per with Ohanaeze and Aferifere implies that while Ohanaeze controls the east, Aferifere the south west, then the north is control by MiyyetiAllah.

You can see that consciously, they have replaced Arewa which is a conglomeration of many tribes in northern Nigeria with MiyyetiAllah which is strictly for Cattle Breeders. This is the most insulting thing I have seen. Is the presidency in comparing MiyyetiAllah with Ohanaeze and Aferifere, telling us that a business group or pressure group can metamorphose into a socio-cultural group? Not just metamorphosing, not minding the atrocities committed by the group, the presidency arrogantly posited that they deserved attention and 100 billion Naira. This is what you get when you help a power drunken elements to consolidate. If anyone is to be blamed over the rascality of the Fulanis in Nigeria, that blames should go to the non Fulani northerners and their Yoruba slaves.

You can see that the MiyyetiAllah is now taking over Arewa groups, thereby bringing to forceful halt, the existence of the rest of non Fulani northerners. What a pity! If federal government have established that these individuals are her contact group in North as Aferifere and Ohanaeze are known for west and east, then the rest of non Fulani people of the north are not only being killed for exterminative purposes, but also being literally wiped out from books. What a new age!

The Fulani controlled presidency understands the fragility of Nigeria unity which to them calls for right positioning on time. They felt Nigeria is heading to her end as “foreign interests” and intelligent reports have proven. But what they don’t want to tolerate is standing on the passive ground on what should be left out as Nigeria. They don’t want to encourage any platform like Arewa that will put them on equillibrum with the rest of the northerners in discussing who controls the North when the country is divided, they want on time positioning so as to control the north when the deal is done. To them, there is no ideal time to promote, fulanised and replace the heterogeneous Arewa with homogeneous Fulani north than now. To them, MiyyetiAllah must be funded with the state money to make a strategic positioning in discussing Northern affairs. The heterogeneous Arewa which is the umbrella of different people of the north is now destroyed for quick rising and replacement by MiyyetiAllah.

Unfortunately, the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Nnamdi Kanu saw these, but internal destructive competitions and jealousy among his people couldn’t allowed them to focus on the message and not the messenger. Today, those foolish and betraying groups like Ohanaeze and Aferifere are today, reduced by presidency with the level of cattle rearers. That is exactly what happens to those who see their own as evil and embrace an outsider. No matter the crimes of the herdsmen, to the Fulani controlled presidency, they are noble people. But to the unreasonable southerners, a noble group like IPOB is a criminal movement. No wonder we are rich in servitude history.


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