Ndigbo have cried out to humanity for help over what they described as “war against its people” by the Nigerian police. It is said that the Nigerian-Biafran war which lasted for three years from 1967-1970 could be said to have ended, but no, the war is still ongoing, but this time, strategically posed against the people of the south-east where the government is using every mechanism to stoop down the people from the zone.

In interview conducted by Ogene Ndigbo Newspaper, Ndigbo have described themselves as “defenseless people” as the police have taken control of their zones and areas, extorting money from their people and killing the people. They said, they will not fight back the police since the police are government establishment, but defined their condition in Nigeria as “unfortunate”.

The manner in which the people of the south-east, Ndigbo, is being treated in Nigeria is a confirmation that the federal government is “divisive and sectional”. The government is treating the people of the south-east with disdain and subjugation. The number of police and army officers on the road harassing and intimidating the people of the states in the south-east will definitely terrify anyone around the states that there is war in the south-east Nigeria.

The army has left their barracks, mounting road blocks on the roads intimidating the people and extorting money from them. When OgeneNews inquired from the officers the reason why they are mounting road blocks in every five hundred meters in various major roads, they said, it is for “security purposes” to maintain orderliness, free flow of traffics and security of lives.

However, the road users are complaining against the army and police on the sort of harassment and intimidation they are receiving from them and requesting them to leave the roads. The army and police are causing traffics and delays on the roads, and in certain occasions, death by the way they stop the motorists, Mrs Nkechi Ubani who was travelling from Lagos to the south-east said.

Sympathetic Nigerians across the country have also shown their concern for Ndigbo over this police extortion on the south-east roads and lamented for the federal government to run for their rescue, if that section of the country is truly part of Nigeria.

Barr. Romanus Efe said, “you cannot treat people in this manner, it is a known fact that Nigeria is corrupt when it comes to police extortion and molestation, however, it is still shocking the number of police road blocks on the south-east roads where the police extort money from the people, it is unbelievable”.

In interaction with Pharmacist, Livy Elcon Emereonye, he said, a trip to Igboland exposes the level of neglect and injustice by the government, but a conversation with concerned Igbo person reveals the psyche and uncommon mindset of the people who refuse to be cowed and succumb to intimidation, even at gun point rather choose to see opportunity in every threat and search for advantage in every disadvantage.

According to Pharmacist Emereonye, he said, it is like the sick old man who recovered from terminal illness, but mysteriously lost his only son, Nigeria government is the worst victim of her ill treatment of the Igbo race. Nepotism is always hatefully destructive, while it makes the victim to revolt, it gradually destroys the perpetrator through delusion and mental poison for you cannot keep someone down and expect to walk freely upright in the same way that the man who is down fears no fall, the people whose government chose to exclude and destroy are never bothered about the existence of such government.

Pharmacist Emereonye maintained, saying “We are used to their pains and injustices, we exist without any benefits from the government, we have seen their worst so what next”.

According to the survey conducted in the south-east, vast majority of the people are seeing themselves as people conquered in the war and the war is still ongoing against them, but this time, they are not fighting back as in 1967-1970 during the war, but the government is using federal forces against them in order to eliminate their people.

The people said, they have taken their fate in their hands with absolute belief in God. They believe more in themselves than the federal government and to explore the world within the context of healthy competition, civility, decorum, creative ingenuity for success, providing along all basic amenities and conditions for good health living, Livy Emereonye said.

Ogene ndigbo newspaper.

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