The President General of Igbo National Stakeholders’ Assembly (INSA) Chief John Uche has lamented on the high level of discrimination against Igbo. John in a statement made available to the Press on 9th May 2019 while celebrating his 63rd birthday in Lagos noted that Nigeria cannot progress in the absence of justice.

The statement reads;

“Nigeria as a failed state can work again when we put away those things which divide us and embrace those that bind us together. The high level of sycophancy, nepotism and tribalism prevalent in Nigeria accounts for the current underdevelopment of our nation.

The propaganda that Nigeria is one is a mere façade. The lack of political will by political gladiators and hatred among Nigerians is a huge stumbling block to our nation’s growth. Nigeria can only develop when her democracy is practiced in consonant with others globally. We want to be like the developed nations but find it impossible to adopt the strategies that put them where they are today. Nigeria is a dormant member of a jet age because our leaders are naïve.

America is on top of the world today as a result of the contributions of the Jewish-Americans. In the western world where we run to, for help every week, every citizen and resident is given equal opportunity to participate in governance. The utmost importance is the individual’s ability to perform a given task, not state of origin, tribe or religion. Just recently, an Igbo Kelechi Kaycee Madu contested and won as Member of Parliament representing Edmonton South-West Alberta, Canada and also was appointed as Minister of Municipal affairs in Alberta Canada. Can this happen in Nigeria without rancor? We all were happy when Obama emerged as the President of America yet an Oba who threatened Igbo with genocide if they contest or vote against his candidate had supporters. What a nation! We are one Nigeria in spoken words but show no oneness in practice.

Nigeria will remain stagnant if injustice is not addressed. The injustice against Igbo in Nigeria especially in Lagos has gotten to the peak where the gods weep for Igbo. It is only in Nigeria where people from Ekiti, Osun, Ondo, Ogun, Oyo, Kwara states etc would claim indigenes of Lagos state while Igbo would be seen as non-indigenes. During the just concluded 2019 general election, Igbo in Lagos were attacked and prevented from exercising their franchise by Yoruba. Nigeria places tribalism and discrimination above the constitution of the land. It is only Igbo who believe in one Nigeria because he resides in any part of the country and develops his immediate environment better than he meet it. He sees everywhere as home.

Henceforth, Igbo should stop buying or developing properties outside Igbo land. Igbo National Stakeholders’ Assembly (INSA) is partnering with Southeast Governors in order to provide land for development. It will be in three faces, there will be areas for Industries, International markets and Housing estates. Igbo should come home, the time to make Igbo land the Japan of Africa is now.”

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