Fulani army of killers, a finger of the northern elites to legally arm the North. – By Yomi Lawal.

In 1953 the North massacred other tribes in Kano over the excuse that they were not ready for independence. To help them, the rest of the country handed them political power and control.

They claimed they were educationally disadvantaged, a situation caused by the elites themselves through their own nobility system which ensured non nobles were not educated. To pacify them, the rest of the country gave them a lower educational hurdle and handed them the keys to choice admissions at the detriment of the children in the south!

Then they said they were not well represented in government, and we gifted them federal character in 1979 with which they again brought in inept and poorly educated characters to lead more qualified southerners.

Again they said claimed they had no resources. The rest of the country handed them control of our resources and they proceeded to own oil blocs in places where they can’t successfully locate its position even on a map!

Then they claimed they were underdeveloped and like fools, we gave them more local government in sparse places than we had in denser locations in the south! With that they began taking the lion share of the resources they contributed nothing to!

Yet again, they claimed they weren’t getting justice im courts, and we gave them sharia courts for them to be judged by their religion in a secular country where the southerners are not judged by Christianity nor traditional religions!

Oh, “we are not enough in the armed forces”, and we allowed them join with promissory notes to pass their exams, exams they eventually refused to sit for!

Then just in 2018, we demanded state policing! And these same elites of perdition said State policing is bad. Only for the defence minister Dan Ali to say a few days ago that the Northern traditional rulers should set up community policing!!

The community policing is supposedly in response to high profile kidnappings of the northern elites who curiously are getting released within 24 to 48hours of the kidnapping!

Just as they used the war they brought on themselves to take billions of dollars from the national coffers without accountability and no progress to show for it; they are using this plan to legally start arming the North in broad daylight whilst seizing weapons, including machetes, hoes and ordinary catapult from southerners!

Now is the time to wake up you people. If the North needs community policing then the South must have its own community police!

There must be an end to the northern elites profiting from their crimes at the expense of the south in furtherance of a systematic jihad with a goal to dip the koran in the atlantic ocean!

If herdsmen can bear arms, farmers in the south can bear arms too. If there is a federal government recognized community police in the North, the South must have a federal government funded community police too!

Stop responding to acts orchestrated by the northern elites, acts designed to fool you into easing your grounds and resources to them!

How can they have ALL the heads of agencies that control intelligence gathering and guns from the North, and then claim they can’t respond to the insecurity in the same North if the mayhem is not by their own design?

The last time they accused southern traditional rulers of complicity in ordinary peaceful demonstrations, they invaded their palaces with guns! But the the Northern traditional rulers accused of the same thing are given a fiat to create their own police?

I am not stupid, are you?

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