Do you know that the whole of the South East with a land mass of less than 30,000 square kilometers and estimated population of about 15m can actually create an integrated regional hub that will grow to become as prosperous as the United Arab Emirates even in the face of the current fraudulent constitutional framework, if we have mostly focused , selfless , passionatively creative , deeply knowledgeable, honest, altruistic and sincere political leaders at all levels and arms of governments?

Do you know that OHANEZE Ndi Igbo/ partnering with the top Igbo religious leaders can champion, facilitate and put together a dedicated and functional intellectual wing Secretariate that can help drive this process. They can also persuade via moral suasion each of the 5 South East governors to set up robust south east integration and cooperation Bureau in their states.

Do you know that under this standard integration arrangement championed by the dedicated intellectual wing Secretariat of the OHANEZE Ndi Igbo and Igbos in diaspora , Ndi Igbo Can create International sea , International Air and interconnected rail corridors/gateways into and out of Ala Igbo under robust MPPP frameworks and architecture that works sustainably?

Do you know that with this massive integration and Economic Development partnership amongst Ndi Igbo South East and South South, we can grow our collective GDP to over $200bn within the next 10 years and not depend on the useless trickles that come from FAAC and JAAC Abuja .

Look around us in towns and states where we all live outside Ala Igbo and see how well we have sweated to develop other places. A clear and honest documentation of our mega exploits outside Ala Igbo will surely convince us on the urgent need to focus and channel developments back home .

The political and sociocultural leaderships in Ala Igbo, represented by the elected political office holders and OHANEZE Ndi Igbo must rise up now to champion this course . We need just one or two men to stand up for others to follow.

We have the human capital resources, investment capital resources, enterprising spirit, the best Diaspora Exports and Local skills to pull off this wonder in the eastern hinterlands. We have no excuse whatsoever to fail and continue to lament .

No excuse whatsoever.

Austria as a country is completely landlocked with a population of 8.9 million , yet she has a GDP of $460billion. Australians are not smarter or more enterprising than Ndi Igbo.

Switzerland, another landlocked nation with a population of 8.5 million has a GDP of $551billion

Most of us have all this while assumed that access to the sea or a large population is the problem? It is not. Can also easily create our paths to the sea from Aba and Asemota. Very easily . We have one in Portharcourt too

We do not need the FAAC and JAAC from Abuja to develop Ala Igbo . We only need those patriotic, passionately creative, honest , dedicated, committed and deeply knowledgeable Igbo political and economic leaders to help put together that needed governance, fiscal, policy, security, transparent , accountable and sustainable framework to galvanize our people into productive works

God bless Ala Igbo

Obiaraeri, Nnaemeka Onyeka

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