No amount of money wasted procuring advert slots with TV stations can cover the truth or turn a mindless looter over night into a patron saint of masterful performances.

I will take time , line by line to burst all these lies, Bubuyaya and propaganda of the outgoing government on Channels TV that some Ill informed and ignorant folks are helping them to spread .

1. The Sam Mbakwe international cargo new terminal building was upgraded by the FAAN in 2013/2014. It was one of the 12 FAAN owned and managed Airports that were upgraded. It was not built by the Rochas government.

Sam Mbakwe Airport is not a new cargo airport built by Rochas. That Airport was built in 1982 through the contribution of Imolites. (lie number one busted).

What Rochas government did was the cargo shades/warehouses by the airport entry gate and the road leading to the airport that is still under construction. It is still uncompleted.

2. The Somto hospital, the Mother and Child Care Hospital along Douglas Road, where the new market used to be and the 27 block works in the 27 local government areas of Imo state are empty buildings that Rochas claimed that he used N1billion each to erect. They are not equipped or staffed.

Stop calling them New Specialists Hospitals. They are proposed hospitals and have nothing inside it to be qualified as secondary or tertiary health institutions or specialist hospitals. Stop insulting our sensibilities. Stop making a mockery of Ndi Imo. Imo state is not inhabited by dumb and daft people.

Do you guys truly know /understand what is involved in setting up a secondary and tertiary health institution?

Have you guys ever been involved in the designing, structuring, funding and establishment of a decent specialist hospital before? Do you know the overall cost implications of completing, putting into full operations and commissioning one specialist hospital? Chai , ndi eriri eri

Do we know what makes up a general hospital?

The cost of the erected buildings/ block works you guys are celebrating are just 15% of the total cost of the infrastructure, equipment, facilities, personnel cost components / working capital required to set up a standard general hospital. Ask questions people.

Each of those 27 empty block works did not cost more than N150 to N200m to erect. Only about 7 of those buildings have complete structure works. (stop being deceived by drone captured video coverage of some of these carcasses on Channels TV).

Ask reputable Quantity Surveyors or asset valuers or Investment Bankers, who have been involved in similar projects to educate you. Or ask those he mandated to do the work. The guy scammed us about N800m on each of those buildings going by his own published confessions.

It is on record. Very incontrovertible records that their handpicked caretaker LGA Chairmen then were given N80m-N100m each to erect each of those 27 buildings from foundation to roofing . These monies were taken from the proceeds of capital market funds raised by his predecessor as state counterpart funding for the now abandoned Oguta wonder lake project. It was a portion of the N18.5bn that Ohakim raised from the capital market and which grew Imo domestic debt to N22bn then. Records are there at the DMO . Ask questions. Stop running with lies.

We later learnt that he released additional N30-N50m each to these LGA chairmen to complete the works and put the tiles and finishing .

What most of you are not aware of is that some of the contractors and LGA chairmen who disbursed those funds are already ranting like canary and moving positions like the barbers chair since their greedy oga is almost finished/gone.

So for the guy man to claim that he spent N1bn of Imo monies on those block works, put it on channels TV and most of you are ignorantly hailing him as Ogbu agu shows clearly that you have not ever been involved in designing, structuring, funding and building similar infrastructure projects before.

So, you want Ndi Imo to rejoice and accept that those empty roofed houses are worth N1bn each? No wonder some of these political rogues keep getting away with their heist.

They easily get away because of the level of mass ignorance in the land. Even amongst those you assumed are literate, you read or hear such dumb submissions that will turn your stomach. Gosh !

3. You claimed that you saw a befitting sports complex at Owerri stadium, but you did not see the decrepit and abandoned Dan Anyiam Stadium? You did not notice that our Heartland FC for the first time in their history went on relegation because of neglect by this outgoing government?

You also did not see that he built a covered stand in my LGA Okigwe which he called Stadium with N250m as the only tangible completed infrastructure project he did in my LGA for 8 years after receiving over N7.9bn (net of LGA wages and admin expenses)from Federal allocation JAAC Abuja on behalf of my LGA .

Some of us are so ignorant that we do not ask questions and are not even aware how much these guys received on our behalf. But folks like us , who are enlightened Financial Engineers and Investment Bankers have all the records from the Federal Ministry of Finance and DMO. We dig for information. That is our job and civic responsibility. It is our duty to hold our employees (political office holders accountable). They are not our lords and heroes. They are our employees . May that day never come , when I will hail my employee as my emperor and then bow down to worship him or her. God forbid. Those with elevated mindset and thinking do not genuflect or worship mortal man. Respect is reciprocal. Period.

I am sure you are not aware that this outgoing Imo state government received FAAC and JAAC revenues allocations in 8 years that are twice what his predecessors received in 12 years? I will never celebrate a mediocre because he did marginally better than a fellow mediocre. God forbid .

I am sure that you are not aware that the Domestic debts of Imo state was N22bn when Rochas took over in 2011 , but today it is N101bn. Foreign debt is $59m . Pension liabilities are over N57bn and we have numberless unvacated court ordered garnishee judgement orders and contractors liabilities that runs into tens of billions of naira, not excluding debts to deposit money banks procured using future excess crude oil revenues and LGA funds of Ndi Imo as collateral.

3. You claimed that you saw the gigantic Eze imo complex opposite another big complex which you don’t know what it is, along same wetheral road…..

Are you aware that the Mbari Cultural Center, an old tourist relic of Ndi Owerri was destroyed to build that Eze Imo center. Tell me or show me what economic or job creation benefits that center brought to Imo state?

If the vision of the outgoing government/intentions was to make that Eze Imo center to become a tourist haven, tell me why he destroyed the Mbari Art and Cultural centre to build those houses? How much did they use to build it? Are we not supposed to know ?

4. What of the new prison/police complex and other FGN PROJECTS he built?

Tell me when it became the responsibility of Imo state government to start building Prison centres for the FGN? Or is he preparing a good home for himself and and his cohorts in anticipation of our busting their loots?

What of the statues and abandoned municipal street gates? What benefits and how many jobs did it create for Ndi Imo?

If he had so much free monies to build FGN projects, why did he not fix the major FGN arterial roads , Owerri – Okigwe Road and Owerri – Umuahia roads that are now death traps ?

5. In your ignorance, you claimed that he built new universities. What most of you are not aware of is that most of those buildings were annex campuses and Faculty Buildings of the Existing Imo state University that were scattered across the three zones in Imo state because of space constraints at the present IMSU locations.

The guy man just days before his departure named IMSU Faculty of Engineering and Agric Science Onuimo Okigwe as new University of Science and Technology. An IMSU faculty of Engineering that has not even been equipped for NUC accreditation, was suddenly christened as University of Science and Technology Onuimo. Something that even the NUC found amusing. Yet some ignorant folks are busy drumming it that Rochas built 12 new tertiary institutions in Imo state when he could not even fund one, IMSU.

Do you guys know that there are many departments at IMSU that are yet to secure NUC accreditation for their programs? What a huge joke.

If he planned to concession the block works at conception ab initio, can we see a copy of the comprehensive Full Project Information /Modelling Memorandum (FPIMM) or BIM or whatever evidence to show that this whole charade of concessioning of these block works towards the last days of his tenure are not after thoughts designed to deceive the mass of ignorant folks in the land.

Unfortunately, not a few people fell for his gimmicks and channels TV documentaries razmataz .

6. Built 27 new specialist hospitals- I have responded to this lies earlier on. No need repeating it.

7. You claimed that he created not less than 8 virgin roads to easy traffic in and around Owerri…..

Very good. I wholly accept that he opened up Owerri municipal with new link roads. No one can deny him that glory. But please what are the conditions of those new roads today? I dare you to drive out your car on these new roads, even to the expanded wetheral road opposite government house owerri during a heavy downpour and see if we would not send coast guards to rescue you and your floating car.

What of the other 27 LGA cities and inner roads? What of the rural roads in our 650 autonomous communities? Are they not part of Imo state?

Are you aware that the outgoing government handed over some of the existing Imo public corporations, which included, the standard shoe factory owerri, The Nsu Ceramic Industry Ehime, The Ada Palm Ohaji, Clay factory Ezinnachi and Amuro etc to his cronies .

These criminal minded and incompetent cronies stripped the assets of these companies and used it to borrow monies from deposit money banks that were diverted into private pockets. These assets are now with AMCON as part of those delinquent assets . Ask questions . You can verify this factual information from Amcon and get details of the sleaze .

In the run up to the 2015 Guber election, the outgoing government chanted, Factory! Factory!! Factory!!! Job! Job!! Job!!! as its sole assignment for the second term .

In sane climes, where we have mostly enlightened citizens, the performance of this government will be judged solely by the number of factories that it established or factually facilitated its establishment. The number of new jobs that were created or which she facilitated its creation in measurable and verifiable forms.

Please can you point out just one factory that Rochas built or facilitated its establishment under any forms of MPPP or PPP schemes?

Anyway we do not live in sane climes. This is because if we do , what most of us would be asking about now is the number of new factories and jobs created within this last 48 months and not how many empty block works that were constructed.

The level and quality of GOVERNANCE measurement discourse in Nigeria, even amongst the supposed literate folks is so shameful and pathetic. My heart sinks anytime i go to the social and mainstream media space to see the quality of discuss and submission of those you assume are literate. The mental acuity and cognitive ability of a majority of us are very shallow. No wonder folks like Yahya Bello are governors in Nigeria today.

Unfortunately, what he did even to those who came up with great concepts/projects that would have helped him build new factories was to attempt to circumvent them and steal the concepts and projects of these investors who approached him to establish in Imo state. They are many of such tale of woes. Some of us were victims of such scam attempts by this rudderless and “orderless” government.

Placed side by side , ie. the block works he did across Imo state and the revenues/debts he borrowed which is almost a trillion naira, you will see clearly that these people raped Imo state silly; Aided by a most useless, docile, incompetent and pliant House of Assembly in the history of Nigeria and mostly incompetent/illiterate thugs they called LG Chairmen

It is the usual sentimental ,dumb , subjective and emotional evaluation and governance assessment by a majority of us that have made folks like Rochas, Yahya Bello and Buhari to be governors and President in today’s Nigeria and have made it possible for them to continue to run roughshod on us all.

Very soon, new governments will take over the reins of power across the states in Nigeria. In Imo state, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha will mount the saddle from May 29, 2019. I pray earnestly that we shall not be replacing the mindless vuvuzellas of the outgoing government, with another group of ndi Otimkpu .

Its the responsibility of every sane Imolite irrespective of political leanings now to dust up the campaign promises of the incoming government and measure their actual performances against the declarations as their tenure comes on stream in the next 3 days and progresses.

It is the responsibilities of those who will be appointed to work with the incoming governor to ensure that they selflessly, passionately and honestly help him to fulfil those campaign promises. His work has been made easier by the TTC report that will be presented on May 27, 2019.

I do not pray to be in Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha shoes right now. With the current fiscal decay and ‘kwashiokored” state of the Imo economy he will need every forms of governance creativity, skills, deep knowledge, fiscal prudence, sacrifices and excellence to excel .

Ndi Imo are watching keenly and will be more impatient with him, after undergoing such harrowing and terrible governance experience via the immediate iberiberism debacle.

Finally , May God never allow me or my own to certify a 42% grade score as excellent because every other person i know scored below 30% . God forbid!

It is becoming so obvious that those, who understand and appreciate what good governance performance measuring matrix /standards are, are in abject minority in the land. No wonder Nigeria is in such a terrible mess.

God help us

OBIARAERI, Nnaemeka Onyeka.


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