How Fulanis Destroyed the Hausa Tribe And Made The Hausa People Their Slaves.

1. Sultan of Sokoto is fulani not Hausa.

2. Emir of Kano is fulani not Hausa

3. Emir of Katsina is fulani not Hausa

4. Emir of Gwandu is Fulani not Hausa

5. Emir of Kebbi is Fulani not Hausa

6. Emir of Ilorin (Yoruba land] Fulani not yoruba

8. Emir of Zauzzau is Fulani not Hausa

9. Governor of sokoto state is fulani not Hausa.

10. Governor of Katsina state is fulani not Hausa

11. Governor of Zamfara state is fulani not Hausa

12. Governor of Kaduna state is fulani not Hausa

13. Governor of Kano state is fulani not Hausa

14. Governor of Jigawa state is fulani not Hausa

15. Governor of Gombe state is fulani not Hausa.

16. Governor of Yobe state is fulani not Hausa.

17. Governor of Taraba state is fulani christian not Hausa

18. Governor of Nasarawa state is fulani not Hausa.

19. Governor of Borno State is a Fulani origin not pure kanuri.

20. All major imams in all the Northern states are all Fulanis not Hausa

21.All Emirs in all the core Northern states are ALL FULANIS not HAUSA, because the fulanies KILLED all Hausa Kings, high chiefs and replaced all Hausa Kings with fulani as Sultan and Emirs after the genocide in the core north by fulanies.

22. All former President of Nigeria from the north were either Fulanis or back by fulanis not one is Hausa.

23. Hausas are not allowed to become a Sultan, Emirs, major mosque imams, state Governors, or President of Nigeria.

24. Fulanies have finished the Hausas and rendered them useless and slaves to themselves.

25. President Buhari’s CABALS are all fulani no hausa.

26. President Buhari’s security chiefs are all Fulanis no Hausa.

Below is a Summary of How the Fulani conquered the Hausa Tribe.

Usman dan Fodio assembled a Fulani army to lead in jihad against the Hausa kingdoms of the north of Nigeria. The forces of Usman dan Fodio slowly took over more and more of the Hausa kingdoms, capturing Gobir in 1808 and executing Yunfa. The war resulted in the creation of the Sokoto Caliphate, headed by Usman dan Fodio, which became one of the largest states in Africa in the 19th century. His success inspired similar jihads in Western Africa.

The Hausa had established well organised city states before the advent of the Fulani. These states included Katsina, Daura, Kano Zazzau (Zaria), Biram, Gobir and Borno. Some of these were conquered and re-established by the Fulani. A few other kingdoms such as Katagum, Hadejia and Gombe were founded.

The coming of the Fulani into Hausaland resulted in significant changes in the area. They brought the full force of Islam which became a great factor of social life and culture. In education, dress, taste and outlook, the Hausa and their Fulani conquerors became part of the Islamic culture world. This influence remains till today.

Today Hausas are only used as foot soldiers by their new master’s the fulanies. This is what Fulanis want to replicate in other parts of Nigeria. Fulanis, very vicious, crafty, cunning, cruel, brutal, unforgiving, & power mongers.

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