Today is the 30th day of May.

For other Nigerians, it is just another day in the calendar month but for the people of old Eastern region, it holds a special meaning for that is the day we remember millions of our people who chose to die on their feet than live on their knees.

Outnumbered, outgunned and blockaded from land, Air and Sea while under the combined fire powers of Britain, Russia, Morocco, Egypt and of course, Nigeria, and with no one by their side other than their sheer will and determination to defend their right to life and dignity of the human person, the Biafrans were condemned to a war they were fated to lose but even more fated to fight.

Artisans, every day men, and Children volunteered and took up the duty of protecting their honor and right to live like free men even if they knew they would die doing so.

And even though this “thing” masquerading as a Nation, too ashamed of her past and too arrogant to acknowledge it, would do anything to delete that part of our history, we, your kins who were forced to bury empty coffins, WE WILL REMEMBER

We seek no monuments from the murderous Monster that is the Nigerian state, we already built enough of those in our hearts for you.

You were guilty of one “crime” – being born in a country that is deaf, dumb and blind to the sanctity of human lives but which must be sustained and kept as One even if it means the death of all that lives therein.

Although their fighter jets have been deployed to our land, their armoured tanks lie in wait and their guns on trigger mode waiting to feed off our blood in enactment of that which they did to our forebearers back then, come May 30th, WE WILL REMEMBER YOU.

Neither gods nor men will make us forget your sacrifices and uncommon bravery in the face of impossible odds.

Though you are no more, you yet draw breath in our hearts and you shall live on in our memories even when our memories cease to exist for we shall ensure that generations after us are NOT UNaware of your sacrifices.



And as we remember, may we also take cognizance of the fact that the butchers of our parents, brothers and sisters are still in the business of killing. At a time like this when we are facing the worst EXISTENTIAL THREAT in history, now more than ever, we must forgive ourselves and understand that we are not enemies but a people of the same fate and faith facing the same wars and woes. We all recognize our common tribulation. We just happen to have divergent views on the idea of an ideal way of salvaging our ancestry from the savagery of her numberless Savages.

But in the end, we will outlive all our troubles.



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