Let me first and foremost say that I am not in anyway holding brief for any Imo politician, I am also a politician, but the truth of the matter is that, until some politicians in Imo state eschew the “Pull him Down syndrome” (PHD), our State cannot develop with the speed it ought to. (PHD) in Imo is perpetrated by both government and the governed.

While the issue of the negative value of pull Him down has been recognized by concerned Imolites, all concerned Imolites should join me in taking a swipe at some of our politicians for their crab-like manners that thwart the efforts of our state rising to the development process and twarting our zoning agreements. This PHD culture is responsible for the gaping and glaring imbalance in our state zoning arrangements.

The APC and PDP in the state have raised this cultural trait to an alarming level. I challenge our politicians to do away with such inhibiting trait and join the on-going movement of other progressive states to rid our socio-culture of such deadly negative inhibitions that have been blocking our development process for long, and which has made our state an unpleasant area and a laughing stock.

Why would our politicians pull each other down? I suggest it’s because of certain elements within our political culture that make us allergic to one attempting to progress. It runs from within the family level to the larger political society and to the national level. It weakens civic virtues and makes nonsense of Igbo culture of communalism. And who made the culture? ndi Imo themselves, shaped by their mindset via envy or tribalism and its ensuing mistrust.

The Pull Him Down disease has seen Imo top the rest of the south east in political rascality, zonal inequality, corruption, crime, electoral fraud and general insecurities.

The Pull Him Down syndrome, a moral disorder, reveals the dark and troubled innate drives of self serving and greedy people allergic to light, to progress and to development, unless of course if there is pecuniary benefit or self interest. The Pull Him Down syndrome reveals our stupidity, miscalculation and weaknesses.

The Pull Him Down disorder has sustained the negative juju-marabouts and witchcraft culture and shows our unhelpful nature. How can politicians be so obsessed with such negativity? Because they love it and because it is in their nature, formed by the culture they have constructed.

Why would politicians pull one another down? Because of some negative forces emanating from within their culture (of which they themselves constructed), because they are weak, because they see things in negative realms, because they are mistrustful, because they are self-destruct, because they are envious, because they are tribalistic, because they are self serving, because they are selfish and because they are negative, deceitful, treacherous, and dim-witted. That the Pull Him Down set of symptoms is largely responsible for Imo state’s underdevelopment is unarguable and indefensible.

The Pull Him Down condition is so entrenched, chronic and deadly that it has stifled the supposedly positive functions of the booming spiritual and orthodox churches, shrines and oracles and other religious centers. For how can a state so immersed in such vibrant religious activities be simultaneously entrapped in the vicious Pull Him Down disease, an indication of spiritual crises?

Most Imo Politicians are corrupt, they pull each other down, they embody our collective stupidity and destructiveness, they are insensitive to the development needs of their subjects, they refract all the weak civic virtues undermining our states progress, they are closed in an increasingly open planet, they are wasteful, they have supported bad governments, they have failed to speak up against bad governments and other negative developments in the state, they are “primitive” in an increasing modernized state, they have projected deadly superstitions, they are key dabblers of juju-marabouts, making them highly irrational in the development process.

If all our politicians are to eschew self service, selfishness and the pull him down syndrome, Imo state would see rapid development.

Our politicians should stop selling out, criticizing, character-assassinating and behaving like the proverbial crabs in a bucket refusing to allow any one of their number to emerge at the top and eventually when one does, pull him down.”

Duruebube Chimazuru “Oblong”Nnadi


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