The belief by the German Aryans that they were a superior race. As a self-acclaimed superior race, they wanted more land and material resources. They believed they deserve more ‘living space’ than being confined to the German Territories.

The philosophy of Lebensraum was espoused, propagated and officially instituted by Mr. Adolf Hitler.

As a claimed superior race, the Rights of the Minorities disappeared. He appointed German Aryans to every part of the German Government. He removed all Jews, Slavs and others from positions of authority. He accused them of corruption, created laws through a judiciary controlled by the Reich (presidency) and had them locked up through such executive laws masquerading as the judiciary.

He had a parliament that was responsible to the Reich and only the Reich.

By 1933, he had used his German National Party (NAZI) to completely dominate the German Society. With power consolidated in 1933, he began the persecution of Jews, Labour, Opposition and anything that could hamper the march of Lebensraum.

While he did all these with the German Aryans fully supporting him, the international community looked the other way.

By 1937, his powers were so complete. He fenced-in whole Jewish districts and made them Ghettos; those were Prisons in-situ…the Jews were locked up in their own districts for years and millions died of starvation. He took their lands, resources, their dignity…then their lives.

By September 1939, he couldn’t restrict himself to the German Mainland any longer; he attacked Poland and defeated the country in a week. Rounded up millions of Jews and had them incinerated! The world finally took notice and decided to fight back. It was too late…apparently. The 2nd World War started in earnest…and lasted till August 1945.

The actions of Mr. Adolf Hitler led to the death of 6 million Jews. The International Community (the Allies) fought Germany and the Axial Powers for 6 bloody years. By the end of the 2nd World War, the body count was 22 million people and over 5 trillion dollars in losses.

The actions, greed and insanity of a single individual, led to the untimely death of 22 million people.

Lebensraum is here with us in the Occupied Territories of Nigeria; almost EXACTLY the same template, with extreme Islam thrown in the mix. The International Community as usual, has been hypocritical. My dear Friends, this Lebensraum is an affront to the constituent nations of the Occupied Territories. It is here…and would not be reversed by the instruments of the 1999 Constitution.

Declare your #autonomousRegions today. Organize and defend yourselves; the Rebirth of Adolf Hitler’s Lebensraum is with us. Arise today else you would be walled off into ghettos. Forget those elected officials as they’re useless in this war. Organize your constituent nations today.

The Game is on, the whistle has sounded, the National Assembly has finally been pocketed. The final conquest promised by their progenitor Uthman Dan Fodio and re echoed by their great grand father Ahmadu Bello in his now famous speech has begun in ernest.

The march to dip the Qur’an in the Atlantic has commenced.


Suspended or not, the agenda remains.

Copied from an online fora.

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