The feudal north, the Miyetti Allah groups, the terrorist herdsmen and their land grabbing enablers have so far continued to manipulate the narratives and have their ways because of the atrocious level of ignorance in the land.

This atrocious level of ignorance is so deep. So deep that you can even trace and locate it directly to the stables of the mainstream media and the many “mumullectuals” in the social media who continue to display such annoying arrogance even in their ignorance without repentance

Most of these folks reason abnormally like the herdsmen and almajiris . No apologies.

How can someone in this 21st century continue to share the warped narrative that the destructive activities of the terrorist herdsmen is a struggle for space for them to graze?

How can they continue in their deceitful classification of such criminal TRESPASS on peoples land and farms by the herdsmen, as Herdsmen-Farmers clash?

Why should they continue to push this wicked narrative that the herdsmen are seeking for greener pasture, thus, they must be allowed to continue in this 18 century nomadic open grazing practice of destruction and decay ?


Israel, Saudi Arabia and nearer home Tanzania have far less arable and green vegetation land mass as Nigeria .

In fact, most of their land mass are desert lands , yet they produce and sell forage and cow feeds to other parts of the world .

Tanzania with the same land mass as Nigeria has only 4million hectares of arable and green vegetation landmass, yet they house and feed a cow population of over 25m through various private sector driven agro Pastoral ranching initiatives.

Ethiopia with only 11m hectares of arable and rich vegetation land houses 30m cows that are mostly ranched under the same agro Pastoral ranching initiative.

Nigeris today has over 37m hectares of arable and rich vegetation land mass.

Out of this 37m hectares of arable and rich vegetation land mass only about 1.5m hectares are in the South East of Nigeria.

Sambissa forest alone has over 4m hectares of rich vegetation

It is stupid, silly and smirks of conceited idiocy for any southern Nigerian , especially, an Igbo man with the most scanty arable land mass in Nigeria, to continue to parrot this deceitful narratives of the herdsmen seeking for rich vegetation in peoples farms east of the Niger River.

IF BUHARI AND THE RUGA PROMOTERS / EXPORTERS DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO to create safe and rich 2m hectares forage lands in Niger state alone or Sambissa forest for the herdsmen, they should hand over that N100billion they planned for Miyetti Allah to me . With this huge amount of money, I will help them to create such vast forage haven that will accommodate, protect and feed over 20m cows and even export cow feed and forage to other neighbouring countries of Niger and Chad .

If they dont know how to stop deforestation of the North and Desert encroachment, they should give me the N760bn that they lost and squandered over the last 4 years by continuing to hold unto the dead refineries, doing useless TAMs on them and searching for crude oil in Bauchi state. With this amount , I will help them turn the whole Northern Nigeria into very rich vegetation and grass belt

Let’s stop helping this people to push their warped and deceitful narratives. Throw the truth to their faces and beat back the devils.

God Bless

OBIARAERI Nnaemeka Onyeka

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