Enoch Adeboye will never criticize the murderous govt of Buhari even if the daura born Herd-of State were to use chemical weapon on Nigerians. And the reason is simple: he sees himself as a stakeholder in the Buhari govt and is also interested in the 2023 gamble. Don’t be deceived, that man, just like the yahoo yahoo guyman, Mbaka and the other man, Kumuyi are all more interested in protecting their interests than they are in protecting, defending and speaking out for those who can’t speak for themselves or even standing for what is right and fair.

Imagine how impactful it would be on this genocide govt if these big gods of men were to stand in unison in opposing Buhari’s anti-people policies and programmes and the general state of insecurity in the country??

I understand that the brand of Christianity we practice here most times takes away our ability to reason like humans with brain but for once, I urge you to look beyond your mawkish sentimental attachment to these so called men of God. Stop being a Pastor-ian (blind followers of Pastors) and start being a Christian (people who behave like Christ) and ask yourself how great men of God in the Bible such as Jeremiah, Elijah, Elisha, John the Baptist etc opposed wicked rulers during their time.

Here, despite innocent citizens who are members of these men’s churches being killed and maimed on daily bases by a govt-sponsored militia group with a known face and address, these men all chose to remain quiet just so they don’t ruin their unholy alliance with Buhari.

During Jonathan’s time, Adeboye was busy gathering one million signature for a one million man protest against insecurity but now that insecurity has hit the roof top under a govt to which he donated one of his Pastors (Osinbajo) Adeboye is conveniently quiet. Ejike Mbaka told us God rejected Jonathan and chose Buhari because of insecurity and corruption and very happy so far with Buhari. That must be the god of his pigeon. Kumuyi is more interested in warning us not to attack Buhari. Imagine the insult.

I have more respect for a crooked Bola Tinubu who would rather watch his ancestry go up in flame just so he could realise an unrealistic 2023 ambition. Even that clown Orji Uzor Kalu and the yahoo-plus Senator Rochas will get more respect from me that those three so called men of God. This is because as politicians, we naturally suspected Tinubu, Rochas, Akpabio, OUK and Co to be exactly the way they are now -zero integrity, zero shame and zero sense of pride. But for men who claim to hear directly from God, placing your personal interest over and above your moral obligation of opposing demonic rulers should be unforgivable. It becomes worse when you go from not opposing that wicked ruler to being in bed with him in an atrocious matrimony against the sheep you are meant to guarding as Shepherds.

Nigerians are being killed daily in their homes, on the roads and every where with a hapless and helpless security agencies that appear to share the same COWmander-In-Chief as our killers. We are seeing a carefully planned ethno-religious agenda which is almost fully implemented by our President who in all fairness to him, has never hidden his plan. Yet, the men of God who should be a moral compass and the shield between us and our tormentor are busy having an unholy political intercourse with this our Tormentor.

How is this fair?? How is this acceptable by any standard??

Are these men religious leaders or political dealers trading with the lives of their sheep??

Is this what the Biblical prophets like Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah, John the Baptist of old did??

When are we going to wake up from our slumber and see that these morally bankrupt men are on the side of our Tormentor for reasons of intestinal considerations?? These are religious Bandits and Yahoo Yahoo guymen!

My sincerest gratitude goes to brave and courageous men like Oyedope, Enenche, Ibioye, Adefaratin, Suleiman, Mike Okonkwo, Iginla, Chukwuma, Kukah and a host of others who have been speaking up for the voiceless.



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