El Zakzaky’s campaign is not for religious supremacy. He is a leader of disenfranchised natives in the North who were robbed of their ancestral heritage. The movement is not one of illeterate fanatics desperate to wreck havoc. These are learned people who understand that just as we had to fight the British invaders for independence, they have to fight Futa Jalon invaders from Guinea for independence as well.

His alignment with Shia islam is based on his admiration of Iran and the 1979 putsch…. He also needs allies like Iran to fight the overlords from Futa Jalon …. His movement does not segregate based on religious beliefs. He welcomes all who have been stripped of their ancestral rights… some of his followers are Sunnis and he made no attempt to force them to convert…. he accommodates Christians and all religions….

In our side of the world, movements carry stronger momentum when the leader is seen as playing a divine role like Moses leading his people to a promised land. This is why Rabbi Kanu proudly wears his Jewish regalias and insignias….. If pastor Adeboye and Bishop Oyedepo today tells the masses of the southwest that they received visions… That people should arm themselves and March to Aso Rock to liberate Yorubaland…. they will march and not look back…. just as the Popes did when they raised crusades to fight back the Arab invasions.

The campaign is not for religious supremacy. Their ultimate goal is to sack the Emirates and take back their lands from Futa Jalon…. It is only a matter of time. They are sure to win…. a man determined to take back his ancestral right is unstoppable, even in the face of death.

Many of you southerners who condemn him and wish his downfall have no clue how much the Hausa people have suffered in the hands of Fulani invaders since 1804. You have no clue how their lands were taken…. how many of their cities were converted to slave camps and how many of the Habes were sold to the caravan slave traders in the middle east…..

El Zakzaky would go down in history as a hero and freedom fighter in same ranks as our very own Iba Oluyole and the Ibadan warlords. He gave a voice to the habes who regretted the role they played in Usman Dan Fodio’s Jihad and have since fought many battles to take back their ancestral home.


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