Be it known to all that British Intelligence and their local collaborators in Nigeria that desperately want to keep Caliphate One-Nigeria going by all means concocted this August 5th 2019 “Revolution” scrap as their strategy to distort, derail and take wind off the sail of the burgeoning Self-Determination Campaign that has reached its positive tipping point across the defunct Federation of Nigeria which collapsed since 1966.

Just as was done when the ELECTION-2019 SHUTDOWN Designs of the LNC and the MNN Alliance Partners was deployed to halt the journey to the badly doomed 2019 Presidential Election, these same characters (Sowore and his bandwagon), were used by agents of the same Buckingham Palace and their Sokoto Palace subsidiary, to sustain the pretence that Nigeria was a Democracy, holding Elections that could produce new leaders for the Country, and so, in the face of the vehement repudiation of the Rogue 1999 Constitution as the basis of Nigeria by the South and Middle Belt of Nigeria, Nigeria was railroaded to another round of Elections in 2019 that would reinforce that Constitution and retain the Caliphate in power.

The *Not-Too-Young-To-Run* Bill was rushed through the National Assembly and President Buhari uncharacteristically Ascented and signed same into Law in record time.

A total of 91 Political Parties were registered and cleared to contest in the 2019 Elections, all just to suck away the critical mass of the youth population already coalescing around the Self-Determination Campaign that was gaining momentum at the time, into the 2019 Election that will sweep away the old politicians and fill the Government Houses and the Legislative Houses with young people who will fix Nigeria.

Sowore, Durotoye, Moghalu, Obiageli Ezekwesili were the chief-drivers of that bogus hope.

Let’s look back at the list of those who rambunctiously promoted abs marketed the “Chanji” scam in 2015 and the St.Buhari Presidency that it had on offer to see where this “August 5th 2019 Revolution” is coming from and where it is headed.

It might well be that some of these individuals did not know at the time that they were being used for the sinister purpose of deflating the Self-Determination Campaign that was building up at that time towards consuming the 2019 Elections, the Rogue 1999 Constitution that mandated it as well as the Unitary Nigeria erected by it. (Recall the LNC Project Graphics including Domino-1 & Domino-2).

With the Joint Multi-Regional FREEDOM PARK PROCLAMATION of December 11, 2018 and the far reaching actions in Washington DC since January 2019, relating to the disputed Nigeria, the Fulani Ethnic Cleansing and the receding prospects of keeping the dying NigeriaUnion alive, it takes only the blind or the absolutely naive not to see the hand of the British /Caliphate Forces of One-Nigeria behind this dubious August 5th, 2019 “Revolution” where the chief-driver, Sowore is talking about 2023 Elections in a Country dripping with blood from the Swords and Rifles of Fulani Militia on a Southward sweeping Ethnic Cleansing Campaign already proclaimed from the hills in Washington DC after nearly 7 months (January to July of 2019) of Intensive Congressional Roundtables on International Religious Freedom, where the task of leading the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance fell on me.

From the recent meetings in New York, (July 2019), between Sowore and the Proprietors of the Rogue “Biafra” Frabchise, it is also not hard to decipher that the now exposed Rogue “Biafra” Franchise Collaborating in this well-advertised August 5th 2019 “Revolution” are also in the game/scam.

Let the General Public be informed that the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners are in no way associated with this dummy of August 5th 2019 “Revolution” designed by the dark forces of One-Nigeria to retain the Union of Master and Servant.

The push towards the immediate termination of the Rogue 1999 Constitution and the Unworkable Unitary Nigeria it foists remains on course as outlined by the FREEDOM PARK PROCLAMATION of December 11, 2018 and therefore will not be distracted by the harebrained scam labeled “August 5th 2019 Revolution” which chose only Elections as its target instead of the 1999 Constitution and the Union of Death, Attrition and Backwardness erected by that Constitution, which are the targets of the Self-Determination Collective across the South and Middle Belt Nigeria led by the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners.

Enquiries to : +234-810-056-9448

Email to:

For the Joint MNN Alliance Secretariat

Tony Nnadi


Lower Niger Congress.

August 1, 2019.

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