You can call General Muhammadu Buhari all sort of names, but what I can assure you is that his popularity is increasing all over core Northern Nigeria and across the sahel region of West Africa.

The Fulani with the brainwashed Hausa vassals will fight and die for him. General Buhari is one of the most intelligent and courageous leader the fulani controlled territory has ever produced.

He is always two steps ahead of his distractors and he understands history, power and what it takes to build a civilization.

General Buhari understands that there is nothing called One Nigeria in any sense, it is only an opportunity for his Nomadic fulani kinsmen to survive and build a Fulani country using the sweat and wealth of others legally or illegally under the guise of patriotism and humanity.

He understands that the South and Middle belt are treacherous and can be used against each other. For the records Fulanis Semitic people who are from the Arab stock. Fulanis don’t see black Africans as equals and we will never be seen as equals.

Fulanis are masters of deceit, Chaos, they understand how to take control of anarchy to further their interests. They are united in crime and good deeds. They know when to sue for peace and when to crush their enemies.

They staged a revolution using the Hausa peasants to destroy Hausa kingdoms and take over lands and kingdoms of the Hausas.

They also staged a revolution in Oyo empire by conniving with a Yoruba general Afonja together with some Yoruba peasants.

They took over power in Nigeria by using the middle belt Generals to launch a counter coup against the Igbo dominated first republic in order to consolidate their grip on other ethnic groups in Nigeria. They understand power, unity and they are master stategists.

Buhari has appointed strictly minority Fulani as security chiefs in an heterogeneous country like Nigeria.

He has built Baro water port for the North.

He has approved the building of modern railway from Nigeria to Maradi in Niger Republic in order to integrate the economy of his kinsmen in the sahel.

He has also approved the building of oil Refinery in his hometown in Katsina where there is no barrel of crude oil.

Go to Federal ministries in Abuja, almost all the ministries have been dominated from top to bottom with fulani youths who went to university through the quota system while their southern counterparts with First class are in cyber Cafe looking for scholarship opportunities to flee the feudal contraption called Nigeria.

NNPC, CBN and NPA workforce are dominated by the fulanis. They are in all the lucrative and juicy positions across Nigeria.

In the next 30years, they will continue to be permanent secretaries in the federal Civil service. The Sharia infested Decree is a Northern constitution and for the first time a Sharia lawyer is now the chief Justice.

He is decimating the Shiites and empowering the Sunnis. He is buying up traditional rulers all over the south while killing, maiming and detaining southern freedom fighters.

He doesn’t want to hear anything like true federalism or restructuring and he is hell bent in creating pure Fulani local government areas for his fulani kinsmen all over Southern Nigeria in a bid to destroy the internal ethnic cohesion of the southern Nigeria. To do this the northern borders are even more open, his fulani kinsmen has mercenaries to glue the Nigerian nation under the Sokoto Caliphate.

As we speak he has used Oil money from the south to establish Fulani radio for the fulanis, which is something that has never happened before.

Thousands of southerners and Middle belterns have been wiped out by the the ongoing Fulani genocide and not a single fulani man has been arrested or prosecuted. Buhari shows no remorse for his fulanocentric policies and continues to March on to decimate his percieved enemies.

Buhari understands power and he has done what no fulani man in post colonial times can do for his people. He knows that southern political elites think along party lines while the fulani elites think along ethnic lines. He knows southerners are treacherous, corrupt and saboteurs and he is using that weakness with ruthless wisdom.

If you are a Yoruba, Edo , Igbo, Tiv, , Efik etc and after reading this article with all these open facts you are still shouting One Nigeria or still screaming APC or PDP under the present 1999 Military Decree then you need to be shot at sight because you are a danger to humanity and your race.

God bless Oduduwa Republic.

Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo

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