The kingdom human rights foundation international has petitioned the Economic and Financial crimes Commission seeking the urgent investigation, arrest and prosecution of the former governor of Imo state, Rochas Anayo Okorocha and all others involved in what it described as dubious, over-inflated and fake contracts awarded to the company.

In a petition signed by the Executive Director of the Organization, Barr Okere Kingdom Nnamdi addressed and submitted to the office of the Chairman, Economic and Financial crimes Commission and made available to the press, the organization alleged that the former governor, Rochas used two of his cronies Mr. Stanley Eze Enwereaku and Barr. Duru Cyriacus Onyeobi who are the company’s Directors to steal over 15 billion naira belonging to Imo state government.

The organization which conducted corporate search at the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria to ascertain the owners of Zigreat company further alleged in the Petition that the former governor, Rochas Okorocha nominated the signatories to Zigreat company’s Bank accounts, who are different from the directors and that through the company Okorocha has received over 15 billion naira kickback in addition to foreign money laundering. The full text of the petition is reproduced below.

‘’I refer to the above subject matters. Kingdom Human Rights Foundation International promotes human rights, good governance, rule of law and accountability in Nigeria. As a non-governmental organization, Kingdom Human Rights Foundation achieves her aims and objectives through independent monitoring, investigation and evaluation of the extent of compliance with accountability, transparency, due process and rule of law, and tackling corruption in public offices through seeking judicial interpretation on matters of public interest in Nigeria.

Our organization is reputed to have instituted and secured numerous public interest court actions and judgments that has helped shaped Nigeria’s democracy and the fight against corruption, prominent among which is the case that sacked the former Chairman and nine other members of the Code of Conduct Bureau who fraudulently and corruptly obtained illegal tenure extension during the Goodluck Jonathan administration and the order mandating the Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) to reopen all public hospitals and suspend their strike in the overall public interest. Our certificate of incorporation is attached herewith as annexure A. Our organization is deeply concerned and is in strong support of the fight against corruption by the Muhammad Burahi administration, and the sincere efforts made by your Commission in recent times to deliver Nigeria from the bondage of corruption.


(a) That the former Governor of Imo state, Rochas Anayo Okorocha used his position as governor and directed two of his cronies MR. EZE STANLEY ENWEREAKU AND BARR. DURU CYRIACUS ONYEOBI to register a company named Zigreat International Company limited. The company was registered on the 13th August 2013.

(b) The Former Governor of Imo state thereafter used the company to steal and criminally converted billions of naira belonging to Imo state to himself by awarding fake and over inflated contracts to the company without due process.

(c) Independent analysis/ investigation conducted by our organization shows that MR. EZE STANLEY ENWEREAKU AND BARR. DURU CYRIACUS ONYEOBI who are the only share holders and directors of the company, as evidence from search and CTC of registration documents obtained from the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria are not signatories to the company’s bank account.

(d) The Former governor Rochas Okorocha merely used the company to perfect his looting of Imo treasury by appointing/recommending who are the signatures to the company’s bank account and this made him in direct control of the finances paid into the company’s account through the award of fake and over inflated contracts.

(e) The Former governor Rochas Okorocha used zigreat company to launder money to foreign countries being part of his (Okorocha’s kickback) from the over inflated contracts awarded to the company Zigreat.

(f) Within a period of six years, Zigreat International Company limited executed so many over inflated contracts which were not formerly bided and published in newspapers (due process) as required in the Procurement Act and thereby corruptly avoiding probity, accountability and transparency in the entire procurement processes.

(g) The entire contracts awarded to Zigreat International Company limited breached the law, by avoiding pricing standard that ensures fair competition, transparent, value for money in public sector procurement.

(h) Between 2013 to 2019 when Zigreat International Company limited was incorporated, the company was dubiously awarded the following contracts by the Former governor Rochas Okorocha and the company had returned over 15 billion naira as kickback to the Former governor Rochas Okorocha.

The contracts are :-

(i) The construction of Akachi (hand of God ) for the seven hundred million N700,000.00 on the 15th November 2013. (annexure 1)

(ii) The construction of Police Headquarters Owerri for five billion two hundred and nineteen million three hundred and forty –eight thousand two hundred and twenty naira N5,219,348,220.00 (annexure 2)

(iii) Construction of Imo Police Headquarters phase 11 four million, three hundred and seventy-two million,three hundred and twenty-two thousand six hundred and fifty naira (4,372,322,650.00). (annexure 3)

(iv) Award of contract for the construction of Imo University of agriculture and environment Aboh/Ngorkpala for three billion seven hundred and sixty million, seven hundred and ninety-two thousand, nine hundred and eighty naira eighty-five kobo only. N3,760,792,980.85k (annexure 4) NOTE THAT THIS UNIVERSITY DOES NOT EXIST ANYWHERE IN IMO STATE.

(v) Contract for the construction of Ministry of sports for six hundred and eighty-nine million, eight hundred and fifty-two thousand, seven hundred and thirty-five naira forty five kobo. N689,852,735.45k. (annexure 5)

(vi) Contract for the construction of ministry of agriculture office block for the sum of six hundred and eleven million five thousand two hundred and thirty Nair N611, 005,230.00k. (annexure 6)

(vii) Contract for the construction of Ministry of Happiness at the sum of six hundred and eighty-nine million, eight hundred and fifty-two thousand, seven hundred and thirty five naira forty five kobo N689,852,735.45k. (annexure 7)

(viii) Contract for the construction of ministry of Niger Delta at the sum of six hundred and eleven million, five thousand two hundred and thirty naira N611,005,230.00k. (annexure 8)

(ix) Contract for the reconstruction of sub-treasury House for conversion to government house clinic at the sum of Two hundred and ten million naira only N210,000.000.00 (annexure 9)


(i) Certificate of incorporation of zigreat. (annexure 10)

(ii) Identity cards of the Directors of Zigreat (annexure 11 & 12)

(iii) Memorandum and Article of Association (annexure 13)

(iv) Form CAC 7 (annexure 14)

(v) Form CAC 2 (annexure 15)

(vi) Form CAC 2.1 (annexure 16)


1. Please kindly investigate these contracts to ascertain the actual amount paid to the company and the level/quality of execution of the contracts.

2. Please kindly investigate the actual cost of the contracts executed and recover the inflated resources/amounts paid to the contractor and pay the money back to Imo state treasury.

3. Use your office and ascertain who are the signatories to Zigreat International Company Limited bank accounts from all banks in Nigeria.

4. Use your office and ascertain the authenticity of the identity cards of the Directors and share holders of the company from the FRSC. THIS IS TO ESTABLISH IF THE COMPANY IS A GHOST COMPANY.

5. Ascertain the transactions in zigreat bank accounts and its foreign exchange transactions.

6. Arrest and prosecute all person found to have taken part or benefited in these illegal and over inflated contracts by the Okorocha administration in Imo state.

Our democracy is now under serious threat by the corrupt activities of politicians elected to serve the people at various levels. We believe strongly that the ongoing fight against corruption by the Buhari administration will not totally succeed, unless citizens begin to assist the government and join the fight to kill corruption before corruption kills Nigeria; and this is what we intend to achieve with this petition.

Our organization will apply to the Federal High Court to obtain order of mandamus to compel your Commission to perform its statutory duty, if the allegations in this petition are not investigated and those found culpable prosecuted within 21 days from the date of delivery of this letter.’’ The petition concluded. The EFCC Chairman according to the petitioner has assigned petition to a team of investigators.


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