“Ifeanyi Okowa, governor of Delta state made a startling but sobering declaration recently. In paraphrase, the governor declared that the only thread holding Nigeria together is the indecision or prevarication of the South-South states of the Niger Delta zone over where to belong.”

According to him, any day the zone decides to join forces with the pro-Biafra protagonists of the Southeast zone, the current Nigeria will cease to exist. In the mind of the newly reborn vocal governor, the life of the present Nigeria hangs in the balance awaiting the final decision of the South-South states. The governor went on to lament the fact that in a nation with about 300 ethnicities, only one ethnic group, the Fulani, controls all the security, political and economic forces available. For him, this will ultimately determine what will tilt the balance on whether Nigeria survives or not.

There is no faulting Okowa’s analysis in this regard. The final decision of the Niger Delta region is crucial towards solving the grave problem of the Nigerian nation. They have the power to tilt the balance and save our nation that is on a perpetual life support.  If the people of the zone continue to play their wartime and post-civil war subservient role to the Fulani oligarchs, Nigeria will die eventually but quite slowly.  But if they rise and assert their God-given right as equal citizens of Nigeria and not continue to present themselves as slaves to any other region or ethnic group in Nigeria, then they will be respected and our nation will survive.  Currently the minerals underneath their feet are being taken as booty by the oligarchs.

They have endured this pillaging for more than 50 years now. If they wish to continue enjoying being pillaged by the conquering oligarchs, let them continue with their indecision. This is most painful as Okowa lamented because while the minerals of the Niger Delta are being carted away and employed in the development and urbanisation of western and northern cities, the south-south zone is littered with primitive villages that have no hope of seeing any glimmer of civilisation until the turn of the fourth millennium.

If this is not enough incentive for the south-south zone to call off their indecision, then their fate with that of the entire nation of Nigeria is forever sealed and hopeless.

While the minerals of Niger Delta are being “officially” exploited for “common good” of the “the nation” the precious minerals of the north like gold, diamond, uranium, platinum etc, that have the capacity to turn the entire economy of Nigeria around are tactically left in the hands of a few prominent members among the oligarchs who have become international millionaires by mining them.

If this type of information does not help those in the south-south zone make up their minds on where they should belong; if they cannot realise that those they serve as slaves in Nigeria are even their worst enemies, then nobody should weep for them because they are forever doomed.

But back to Governor Okowa’s declaration. The real danger that spells imminent death for the present Nigeria is the concentration of all security apparatuses in the hands of one ethnic group. This is the clear and present danger for the nation of Nigeria. If this concentration had been in the hands of any other ethnic group besides the Fulani, it could be treated as benign. But for it to be in the hand of the Fulanis with all their history of invasion and conquest in Nigeria, the matter is far more serious than ordinary Nigerians are willing to concede.

The only reason why an ethnic group would seize all the security powers of a multi-ethnic country like Nigeria is because they are planning a conquest. They see war on the horizon. And this is what will kill the present Nigeria sooner than any one of us could imagine.

Any day the Fulani that have all the powers in present-day Nigeria decide to use it according to their customary way of invasion and conquest, Nigeria will exist no more. If Nigerian politicians cannot find ways to decentralise and redistribute Nigerian security apparatuses, we can as well begin a requiem for this hobbled and beleaguered nation of ours.

The current Nigeria of power-concentration in the hands of one ethnic group, of election manipulation to perpetuate incompetence in power, of economic blockade and strangulation of one section of the country, of political marginalisation of nearly one half of the nation, of booty-taking 50 years after the civil war, etc. must die and die soonest for a new Nigeria to rise…”

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