The warning from people like former President Olusegun Obasanjo, former Chief of Army staff, rtd general TY Danjuma and a host of others about Buhari’s Islamisation and Fulanisation agenda is a little too late, I’m afraid.

Those warnings are as useless as a man warning his household about a supposed impending fire outbreak after the fire has already gutted their house.

Fact is, Buhari is currently not implementing any ethno-religious agenda. HE HAS SINCE FINISHED THE IMPLEMENTATION AND IS NOW CONSOLIDATING ON IT. And in fairness to him, he has never hidden the fact that he is an incurable ethno-religious hegemonist.

The only piece of information that will save Nigerians especially southerners and non-Fulani northerners now is HOW TO NEUTRALIZE THE ISLAMISATION AND FULANISATION OR AT LEAST SURVIVE THEM because they are here already.

When a President of a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural country like Nigeria is busy filling all his appointments with only people from his own region and religion, handing over the entire security agencies including the paramilitary to only people from his own region and religion, protecting Islamist terrorists from his own region and religion while sending python dance, armoured tanks and soldiers after unarmed peaceful agitators from other region and religion, DO YOU NEED SOMEONE TO TELL YOU THAT SUCH A PRESIDENT IS IMPLEMENTING AN ETHNO-RELIGIOUS AGENDA?? Especially when that President is one who has presided over the country in the past where he showed worst form of ethno-religious bigotry by throwing the vice President of the govt he overthrew, late Dr Alex Ekwueme, an Igbo Christian into Kirikiri maximum security prison while leaving the main President Shehu Shagari, a Fulani Muslim like himself in a comfortable apartment in the name of house arrest?

I think the problem is, most of us imagine Islamic Jihad to be some group of badly dressed desert dwellers riding on horsebacks while chanting “convert to Islam or be k*lled” the same way we imagine islamisation to mean a situation where everyone will be forced to start praying towards Mecca.

The world has changed and so has everything along with it. No one needs to force you to start going to the Mosque before you realize you have been islamised.

If your Executive, your Legislature and your Judiciary are all headed by people from a particular region and religion, If your security agencies and indeed all institutions of state coercion are virtually in the hands of only people from a particular region and religion, If your own lawmakers and political leaders who are Christians and Southerners all have to bend the knee and dress like those other people as we saw with Femi Gbajabiamila and Ibe Kachikwu recently, before they can get position they are qualified for, If a governor in an exclusively Christian state like Enugu had to start his inauguration for a 2nd term with a Jummat service in a Mosque just because he needed to pander to some interest, If you that is reading this have had course to contemplate changing your name to sound like that of those other people because you know an Islamic or Fulani sounding name will get you a job in NNPC and CBN while a Christian/southern sounding name will disqualify you for that same job, If a club house in the Capital city could be demolished for no just cause, if Muslim youths could attack a Catholic Church in Suleja, Niger state simply for worshipping on Friday with the police not prosecuting any of them, If a female pastor with Redeemed Christian Church, Eunice Elisha could be butchered right here in Abuja simply for preaching in a street housing a Mosque with the police releasing all the Muslim youths arrested without charge, If Fulani herdsmen could rape, maim and carry out ethnic cleansing with govt-sponsored impunity etc, IF ALL OR MOST OF THESE CONDITIONS APPLY, you are already islamized and Fulanised. If you don’t yet realise it, you soon will.

Buhari did not spend 12 solid years contesting to be President just so he could come and grow the economy, build road, provide infrastructure and security. Not at all. He spent all those years, cried all those tears and even went to church (Taqyya is allowed in Islam) just so he could get the chance to carry on with what his ancestor, Othman Danfodio started in 1804. Everything Buhari is doing today was planned many many years ago.

Today, the entire country is firmly in the hands of Fulani ethnic irredentists. If you are an Islamist terror group like Boko Haram once rated the deadliest terror group by the Global terrorist index, the govt will reward you with cash and re-integrate you into the National Army even while your group is yet to stop fighting, If you are a Fulani herdsmen once rated the 4th deadliest terror group, you can carry out ethnic cleansing and the govt will agree to “reward” you with 100billion (the chief Scribe of Miyetti Allah admitted they made the demand to the govt. Please check Punch 17th May 2019), the govt will also establish an AM radio station for you (AM can cover the entire country and beyond. Don’t forget) and of course, the govt will force all the media houses in the country to refer to you as “Bandits” instead of calling your real name each time you commit your usual crime of ethnic cleansing.

The bitter truth is, we are in trouble. A trouble caused solely by those who used lies and propaganda to gift Buhari the Presidency. The only solution I see here is for all the ethnic groups and Nations within the country to go back to their region and start raising an Army for self protection. Those talking of surrendering guns are playing a suicide game. This is not the time to remember how so so and so ethnic group betrayed your own ethnic group years ago. We are all facing a grave existential threat from these marauders. All our borders and villages are surrounded. No one group can confront or survive these guys alone. Nothing short of Southern collaboration will save us.

“The dead are already here”. Waiting for their Knight King to be officially inaugurated before they start work. The entire South and Northern minority must now close rank and save themselves or collapse under the weight of their own complacency.

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