The British Impremature and a Visit to Biafraland

Dear ‘Almighty’ Britain, now of the infamous Britexit, is there any one you do not Know?

What is it this time around? A visit to the South East on political and security issues indeed!

What part of your horror script has refused to fall in place, you mistress of subterfuge? Are you scared that your carefully crafted contraption is loosening by the seems?

Who will ever know what you think O ye daughter of perdition?

The effluence of your colonial legacy is still smelling. What was a mere three million children snuffed to death in a godforsaken part of the dark continent when you had long committed _contineticide_ at both ends of the world. Yes, the Aboriginals of Australia, blacks, you wiped out to make way for your overflowing prisoners.

The owners of America, you named Red Indians, you wiped out in millions. Did any thing happen?

Didn’t you come home as the almighty British Empire?

Imagine the temerity of ‘half naked cannibals’ as you depicted them, poking their bloody, dirty finger into you almighty eyes? What guts?

It wasn’t even in 1967. It was in ’56 you plotted the genocide, to teach the ‘truculent’ Igbo a bitter lesson.

Barbarians who dared you with Ekumeku. Their long and short juju’s you burnt. Ogbunorie you discarded. From the delta to Izzi and Ezza, you decimated, planting their heads on sticks so that they will learn their lesson.

Did they learn? Didn’t their women you considered non person pour hot sand in your entire equation leading to the quickening of freedom.

But the ‘Almighty’ Britain you were, you played them a fast one. One stroke of your quilt pen was what was needed.

Fulani, your but lickers, you wrote into power to continue from where you were forced to stop.

Now the entire edifice is cracking from it’s foundation. Your empire that will last a thousand years has become another Third Reich. So your desperate last gamble – a visit to the East indeed. As if you ever left.

We have learnt. Learnt through the hard way. We saw the effect of your visit to the land of the Oduduwas after June 12. Your subtle fingers we saw in the Niger Delta when they finally woke up and demanded a pound of flesh. You called it AMNESTY.

Now it is the turn of the East. Make an offer their gluttonous leaders will not refuse. No, we have long passed that gate.

Are you in a haste to forget Obi, the Stone, you plotted to douse the rising angst? How did he fare? Laughed into scorn by the very children, the Fulani who have been ever loyal. Are they still?

Have you suddenly panicked because the houseboy has discovered the road to Russia all by himself? The Russia you took him to in ’67. Have you forgotten?

You are traveling to the East to

“get a first-hand view of the strides the governments and leaders in Imo, Anambra and Enugu are making in the development of their states.” Development? When all the money for same you have helped syphon to endless pits in England you call banks with the people living in squalor.

Why wouldn’t you go to ABA? Still scared of 1929? What about Ebonyi? Conveniently struck off? Afraid the army will kill more Biafran activists in Ebonyi if you step in there?

Madam Ambassador, we are watching and we are keeping tabs. All your sleight of hands we have learnt.

Everyday M15 and M16 churns out hundreds thousands of documents from their local agents in the land of the RISEN SUN, yet you want to come and see. Come quickly.

We await you with our unmatchable courtesy to guests. The courtesy our forebears extended to you and you paid us back with death.

We shall await you with _ogu na ofor_. We shall even have a copy of your holy book you left us by the side with page turned on…. “There is a season under the sun….” Your season in Biafraland has finished.

Didn’t our di-abias predict the coming of the white locusts? They equally predicted the end of your foolish childishness in our land. This is that season and you know it. You know it even better than us. You have it all figured out in Oxbridge.

IPOB, yes banned, will wait for you at Nkpor.

Massob will wait for you at Abagana. The entire Biafraland awaits your coming.

The spirit of our three million babies you killed are waiting for you. Please do come quickly.

But then, ‘Almighty’ Britain, where at thou now? Do you Remember the Roman Empire and the Jews? Who amongst them is the better off?

Britain, that your holy book we still clutch with both hands told us about the rejected stone. This Biafra you reject today will save you. We will because ours is a humane civilization that does not requit evil with evil.

Biafra will save Britain at it’s full time and season. Mark this word today as you step into our sacred soil purified by the blood you shed.

Your Queen Elizabeth started it in the 16th century. Your Queen Elizabeth will end it this century. You who thought our di-abias were barbarians.




How many times did I call you?

Three calls. The three calls of the spirit.

Mazi Oluchi Ibe

Nov. 5th, 2019

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