When i went to Oseakwa Ihiala Anambra to take a look at the Orashi River, the closest potential seaport we have in Nigeria that linked Ndi Igbo to Atlantic Ocean.

After my meeting with Oseakwa Youth one of their leaders who based in Lagos his is name Prince TonyMax who took me to his house. During our interaction on the need to dredge Orashi Oseakwa River. To my utmost dismay and shock TonyMax revealed to me that, “Shipping goods from China to Nigeria cost #N800,000 for 40ft containers.

• To move the same container from Lagos Seaport to Trade fair Lagos cost #N1million

• To move the container from Lagos to Southeast Nigeria cost #N1.2 to 1.5million

• FG charges #20,000 each day for 40ft container packed at the seaport.

Meaning, it is cheaper to import from China to Nigeria, than to move the goods from Lagos to any part of the Country.

It may interest you to know that Lagos Seaport to Atlantic Ocean is 60 nautical miles, While the Potential Seaport we have in Oseakwa that was abandoned in 1959 is only 18 nautical miles to Atlantic Ocean.

Shipping goods from China to Lagos with Lagos Seaport is very far than shipping goods from China to Oseakwa Ihiala, using the Seaport at Urashi River Ihiala Anambra state.

This means that Imo, Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi, Anambra, Rivers, Delta, Edo Beyelsa, Benue, Kogi and Akwaibom business men living in Lagos will find it easy to have their business in south- East and South-south by using Oseakwa seaport when it’s dredged.


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