The mainstream and new media has been awash with news about the indictment of the CEO of Air Peace. I find this very baseless and ridiculous because, I think of the strategic nature of transportation as an aid to economic development and industrial expansion in every Country.

The capitalist penetration of Africa came with a disarticulation process of our entire economy. The transportation sector was disjointed and disarticulated from start to enable Africa not to achieve coherence in transportation and void economic growth. We can understand this from our railways structure which had no coherence with our aviation and road transport structure. This was deliberate by the colonial masters to undermine the development of African economies.

Air peace is the major air services provider linking all Nigerian cities and intervening in other international destinations from Nigeria. This activity is a plus for our economic growth and industrialization. The US intends to kill it. Destabilizing the CEO of the airline is a further disarticulatiom of the Nigerian economy.

The US knew about his companies and the funds coming in from Nigeria. The US knew about his purchase of Boeing aircraft’s. Why is it now that they think he committed fraud? In a festive season when our economy will be shattered and dragged down. Nigeria must wake up to exert strategic understanding of issues of international politics. Our people must not aid the west to make our economy more incoherent. The CEO of Air Peace never stole their funds and our country must not be rubbished any further. Nigeria should understand this game and rise to defend their own

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