I am not a supporter of OUK or any Nigerian in position of leadership or trust engaged in corrupt practices.

Yes….it is very unfortunate that the system and people do encourage corruption. Nigeria as an oxymoron is full of conscienceless, “powerful” leaders and weak citizens….followers that will turn their eyes the other way, encourage politicians to steal as long as he or she is their own and the loot benefiting them.

These same Nigerians who have refused to hold their political office holders accountable are the ones celebrating the sentencing of Orji Kali while they harbor and shield worse corrupt politicians because they are their own or are benefiting from the crumbles of wealth stolen from commonwealth by these office holders. They are the ones that see corruption going on and keep silent.

Tell me what is worse than corruption or on a category of crime against humanity than elected members of National Assembly earning salaries and allowances – in billions of Naira in a country that families can hardly afford a meal; youth unemployment is at its highest level in the history of the country….there is unstable supply of electricity, drinkable water supply is zepo or non existent, roads are not maintained….even in constituencies of these representatives earning billions of Naira as allowances came from, the basic needs are not provided. It is in the same country that “retired” govermors and temporary political office holders in office for just four years are shamelessless asking a state to pay 10 million Naira monthly “pension” where civil servants that have served the state or nation meritoriously for 30 to 40 years are owned arrears two years of their more well deserved pensions and gratuities.

It is honestly a crime against humanity that an elected politician that served for a four or eight -year term in temporary office is by “law” made by himself and cronies to be receiving “retirement benefits or be collecting double salaries as former Governors and current senators or house of representatives members.

There is no job that pays pension or gratuity in the world if you have not worked daily as an employee of that organization on 40 hours a week schedule for up to.10 to 40 years. Paying billions of Naira as pension for elected office or office the occupier may be rigged himself or herself in is a crime against humanity.

Yet, pupils are in shanty mud classrooms with pool of rain waters up their ankles; in classrooms with no desk, no chalk board , pencils and pens. Where basic lessons on computer is demonstrated by the teacher by word of mouth instead of Wi-Fi classrooms.

Tell me what is worse than corruption if we all could seat down and look the other way while these evils of great magnitude are taking place before our eyes. And you tell me that the system does not need cleansing or sanitization.

Yes….Orji Kali is jailed which is a lesson for all of us, but is he being singled our or an escape goat? This is a question some Nigerians are asking, because there are men working around with billvs of peoples money stolen from them that are not under the radar of the administration. Where are the other “big fishes” including ones that every property and infrastructures that ought to belong to the masses…the people are all registered under their names, their children born and unborn and even their side chicks.

Again, while I aplaud the president for his fight against corruption….those members of the National Assembly earning billions of Naira as allowances or Governors earning “pensions” including allowances with 300 million Naira houses, replacement of their cars every two or three years for elected service they provided….some of them unsatisfactorily are all abettors of corruption.

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