I am compelled to spill the beans a little because it has become obvious that people are getting confused, judgemental and sentimental over the Imo Supreme Court judgement.

While we wait for the court to explain the reasons for its judgement as is customary, it is important to note that it was an embarrassing lack of electoral integrity and an almost total absence of internal democracy that influenced the decision of the justices of the Supreme Court in the case between Hon Emeka Ihedioha and Senator Hope Uzodinma on the 14/01/2020

Let’s call a spade a spade, in Nigeria as we all well know, the processes that lead to the emergence of candidates are faulty, and the acclaimed winners of the elections use dubious tactics to get INEC to declare them as winner.

All the parties were involved in massive rigging and figure manipulation, vote-buying, political violence and other electoral malpractice. Many violations of the electoral processes happen brazenly. As a contestant in the last elections, i confirm.

Corruption perception in our judicial system at different court levels is another serious issue. It is known that some politicians buy judgments in their favor up the ladder, and by the time the case reaches the Supreme Court it is a different story as the Supreme Court is not guaranteed to be as pliable as the lower courts.

Supreme Court judgments have to do with the facts presented before it by the different parties involved, and if the legal team of any contestant is ill-prepared and unable to make sound arguments and tender required evidence, the Supreme Court cannot just create arguments and evidence for your case because you are responsible for bringing all the necessary facts to win your case. The Supreme Court can only deal with the certified evidence placed before them.

This is what I understand with the case of Imo, the defence legal team should have provided sufficient facts to win their case but as mentioned earlier, when the whole process is faulty, you cannot expect miracles. The plaintiff painstakingly prepared his case and tendered evidence to support his claims and prayer.

Judgements of the Supreme Court are constitutionally stipulated to be final, and it makes no sense to try to go against the court in desperation of having lost out. Common sense requires that we wait for the explanation of the judgement by the court as customary in due course.

Urgent electoral reform is required that would help restore confidence in our joke of an electoral system.

Duruebube Ihiagwa

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