Had we known yesterday the things we know today, we might not have made some certain mistakes especially the avoidable ones but if only we have conscience that’s not smeared or tainted with evil machinations or malice against others.

However, like the snail that erroneously salivate to death in the name of fighting and quenching the burning fire, the evildoers never realized that their evil deeds remain their greatest undoing – and somehow, some day by either commission or omission, they will take a bold but wrong step that will expose them to the world, revealing their true identities. May your enemy eat the poison he prepared for you.

Oftentimes, the hunter ends up being hunted, butchered and chopped even by fellow partners in crime. Those in the nest of killers, kill themselves when there’s no more eternal enemy to fight, tearing the nest to piece. And because there’s conspiracy where “big” money is involved, the conspirators can stop at nothing but then nothing can be hidden under the sun. It’s a question of time backed up with the will and sacrifice and the impossible will become possible. Yes, when those whose bread are buttered by the gods began to answer gods, their bread may be made to grow poisonous yeast, the consumption of which will lead untimely into the grave.

That it has not happened before does not mean it cannot happen. For instance, that men chose to gloat over their association’s official financial statement does not mean that all is well with it or an independent auditor cannot be hired to audit such account – and you can guess the type of odour that emanates when the anus is scratched both on the surface and inside!

Whatever the case, all things work together for good to them that believe so believe in God and you will go places; believe also in yourself and you can do all things. To dine, you must dare; and until you dare, you would not know your might. It’s by trial and through trying we can triumph; it’s only the challenge you overcome that can make you a champion. Yes, the problem you solve, will make you prominent. Without eating the frog, the taste cannot be known and experienced – and without experience, invaluable lessons cannot be learned otherwise there will be no justification for someone wearing sweat stained torn agbada with locally made shoes that are swearing to heaven teaching on corporate dressing! But for hypocrisy not just theoretical fabrication, can someone regulate what he does not practice? Can anyone truly prosper who sees another person’s success as a source of worry? It’s only the graveyard type of peace that will exist in association and organisation of hypocrites and tribal bigots run by philial interests.

Oh, I cry my own cry and bear my pains without seeking sympathy and in doing so, extract full pounds of flesh without minding the gushing blood when it’s inevitable. Don’t be carried away by mere window dressing or peace adventure of the evil one which oftentimes is an after thought of a foiled and failed machination.

Give no heed to a polished tale of deception common with smooth operators that feed fat on deceptive group conscious and corrupted Commonwealth. Look far and wide and you would be surprise to see that the so-called advertised selfless service is a cover up for selfish self-aggradizement so when next you hear about the challenges of office, ask of the associated paraphernalia of office. While financial statements can be doctored for dues, other sources of funds and what such monies were used for often remain silent and secret yet we know!

In all your doings, do everything to ensure that the wickedness of the wicked find them out and thereafter destroy them. Deploy your resources to fight injustice so as to make the cause of living meaningful. Add more value to life even if it warrants putting up with denial in the face of threats. The salient truth many people have not realised is that, among other things, the essence of making money is to use it to fight insult. So treat your enemy as enemy and fight your battle to logical conclusion.

With prying eyes, strive to see stars in the bars. Sharpen your horizon and impossibility will become strange to you. Embrace your fears and you will do great exploits. With adequate preparation, you will walk on the path of opportunity continuum. It takes just a winners mindset to turn things around for better. There will be no impossibility before you if only you can see everything with the eyes of possibility. See the sunny side of life and every problem before you will turn into a rare opportunity for prominence – and with this, those who gang up against you and asked, “Who are you?” will not only eat their vomitus but will also turn around to ask you, “How are you?”

Whatever the case, conduct your life in such a way that your success and the hearing of your success story will be the worst lethal poison to your enemies. To anyone that wish you bad, may his bread turn into stone and laughter to tears of sorrow. As many that will gang up against you, will end up painfully in shame as they will continuously cry both in silence and public but with no one to console them.

Hear it loud and clear that it shall not be well with them that device your downfall… Yes, they will not only fall into the pit they dug for you but will finally be buried in the same grave they made for you.

Being true to myself, I will, at all times, savour the conversation and communion with Nature, remaining my best friend with unlimited power necessary for absolute intercourse all the days of my life…

Therefore, be of good cheers even in the midst of troubles. Focus on that which promote peace and edify – and no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper but rather every obstacle will become an opportunity and elevation factor for excellence and greatness.

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