AFRIKA IS HOST TO NATURE. By Maazi Obinna Agommuo

There was a prevailing opinion at the advent of the Coronavirus that the Black people from Sub-saharan Afrika were immune to the attack of the virus so we left our guards open, living as though we were superhumans.

Four days ago I wore my Face Mask at the Airport and everyone looked at me like an alien who must have lost touch with time . I could hear the Front desk staffs murmuring to themselves, “Corona can not survive in Nigeria why is he wearing Face mask?”.

I am a strong advocate of backward integration as Afrika has no shortage of the resources to stand her out.
Research has shown that everything the white man condemned for Afrikans out of envy were the things that made us thick.

Every herb you find in the Afrikan community has either preventive or curative application. But we Afrikans have so colonized our minds that at the mention of a herbalist, eyebrows are raised.

We have allowed ourselves to be so miseducated that we have forgotten that Afrikans as the origin of humanity are earthen in Nature. We can only flourish and lead a healthy life when we cause our body systems to absorb only those things which are Natural.

The other time I wrote about the health benefits of storing water in Earthen or Clay Pots like our Forefathers did and highlighted how the Clay Pot converts your drinking water from its acidic state to Alkaline; which the Human body really needs.

Our pregnant mothers in those days were made to eat clay, have we bothered to ask the significance of that practice? How many of us know that it was a source of Calcium and Potassium besides hormonal balance for both the unborn Child and the Mother?

The Champagnes and Wines of this world have become poison to our system but we were quick to discard the Natural Palm and Rafia wines which are sources of Yeast for the eyes and vitamins for the body.

Bitter Cola was a strong source of Antibiotics as it’s effect on the human body and infected areas was marvelous. Utazi, Olugbu (Bitter herbs) were in every meal of the Afrikan to ensure blood purification, detoxification and immune boosting. A man who consumes Bitter herbs always is sure not to be diabetic.

It’s Natural acupuncture to walk barefooted on sands. Do we know that some curative elements are trapped in the earthen soil?
Eating very freshly and half cooked green vegetables is the best thing that can happen to a man or woman. These were some of the ways of life practiced by our forefathers that made them lived longer than what we see today.

Cancer was never heard in those days because our forefathers knew what to eat, regulated what they ate and not the other way round like we witness today.

Let us build our immune system strongly enough to fight against Coronavirus and the likes.
Nature is Afrika and Afrika is Nature’s host.


  • By Maazi Obinna Agommuo

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