From Senegambia to Chad and onto Kenya, preparatory wargames have been conducted by Europeans and Afroasians for the final conflict at change of the Great Year, but Original Africans (Niger-Kongo ethnolinguistic family) are too culturally disoriented to know what time it is and notice the winds of change. For the lack of knowledge a people perish?

The Berlin Conference was where African slavery was geopolitically institutionalized. Original Africans were to be politically enslaved through cultural disorientation, imbued with restrictive divisive nationalism and religion that confuses their true cultural identity and linkages.

This was an informed response by Abrahamic Europeans to the Haiti Revolution, the only successful slave revolt to become a nation in human history, which was inspired by the seven day Ogun festival of 14-21 August 1791, the unification and rise of Original African culture that signalled the beginning of the end of African slavery.

With the use of religion and the mulatto complex, Haitis growth has been continuously stifled after the initial decade of growth and prosperity after the 1804 independence, like the Sixties post independent continental African nations.

As Original Africans took their cultural stand and slavery drew to an end, the European Crusaders and Afroasians Jihadists decided to switch to enslaving Africans on their own lands in colonies/nationstates. While Europeans like the British had to sponsor exploratory teams like Mungo Park to survey the terrain in the late 1700s, the Fulani, the Whiteman of the desert, familiar with the subregion moved into action by migrating in large number to Northern Nigeria, at the fringes of the Black heartland.

The Fulani swiftly took over huge territory surrounding the Black heartland, so by the time Europeans completed their studies and arrived with their Machine Guns, the Afro-Asiatic Jihadists were guaranteed a seat at the colonizers table and a share of the pie of the largest and most important economy in Africa. The African Giant was cut into pieces labelled different names as colonies. The colonies did not only have the effect of cutting the physical geography and demographic space of the Original Africans, but also cultural disoriented us to prevent a united front.

Not only did Yoruba and Igbo, the two largest Original African groups (Niger-Congo ethnolinguistic groups), have their subgroups divided up into other nations, they became confused by the concept of the nation-state. Apart from aimless bickering among the Original family members, they fail to see the true and full image of their enslavers. They could not see the Western Powers invisible hand, the proxy owners of British Nigeria, in the affairs and direction of the nation-state and underestimated the full import of the Afro-Asiatic Jihadists across West Africa extending to Medina.

Every time they voted or did census, Original Africans could not fathom how non-Nigerians Afroasians turned up in the counting to inflate the figures for the Afro-Asiatic North. They failed to realize that they were the only ones fooled by the concept of the nation-state. This was why they were rudely shocked when it was suggested that Fulanis across West Africa should be settled in their Original African homelands as RUGA. Only last week some Nigerian Afroasians expressed their support for Algerians against an Igbo Original African dominated Nigeria Eagles team. Original Africans defined themselves by nationality, not the Afroasians.

Original Africans were merely ushered from private plantations in the Americans to nation-state plantations in Africa with corresponding levels of economic and sociopolitical freedoms. Like in slave plantations where slaves were issued slave passes that restricted movements to certain areas, continental Africans were issued with passports that restricted their movement. While the British and American passports could travel to 120 nations without visas, Nigeria could hardly travel to 30 and mostly African nations.

Apart from the physical restrictions, the nation-states blurred the geopolitical perception of the African and made us incapable of identifying our natural strategic alliances necessary to uplift us against the two geopolitical cultural spheres, the Crusaders and Jihadists. Due to this misconception, original Africans easily fell for Jihadist aka corruption propaganda and were made to fight proxy wars, all in the fake promise of economic and political freedoms and development.

Some will argue that original Africans were divided into empires and nation-states before the Berlin Conference. However a close examination of majority of the African empires shows that they were not on the traditional original African platforms of culturally linked citystates. African Citystates were forcefully amalgamated after the 1470s into huge empires. Even though Oyo and Benin kingdoms had existed long before the 1470 advent of the European, it was only after then that they grew into huge empires during the 300yr European-inspired arms race from 1500s to 1800s.

Oyo had its first mosque and Benin its first church in the 1500s, which distracted them from their cultural and genetic origins, and replaced unified Original African cultural and political platform, with exploitative empires and Abrahamic religions. Akan and Egba kingdoms changed their original African cultural platform into political entities with written constitutions, flags and anthems.

They all wanted a piece of the arms race which was probably why the empires couldn’t come together to put up a formidable challenge against the European crusaders. The only confederate that unified various groups of the Niger-Kongo ethnolinguistic family to fight the Islamists was Kwararafa Empire.

So our problems are not only restricted to the last 250yr cycle, but at least the last two cycles extending over the last 500yrs. Some will even trace the genesis of our problems to the outgoing 2000yr Olokun cycle of religious and political dogma, or to the previous 2000yr Ogun era of the advent of Europeans and brutal wars. Whatever cycle you choose, all conjunct around now and we need to wake up.

Some Eurocentric Original Africans refer to the Brexit pull out as proof that smaller is better, not knowing that the British have pulled out of European Union to revive its empire in a process labelled Empire 2.0. The Fulani Sufis believe that a final push for the heartland of Africa is in their manifest destiny. The Germans, the Chinese everyone are doing press ups in anticipation for the race for African resources, but original Africans are too cultural disoriented to even understand what time it is and who are the real enemies.

The only way that Original Africans can survive physically and culturally is if they abolish the nation-state distraction from their mindset and see the impending final conflict for their land and heritage. It is simple as one plus one, Yoruba, Igbos nor any original African group can take on the global forces heading their way.

Original Africans have to understand that they are Original Africans that evolved from the swamps of Southern Nigeria, migrated up Rivers Niger and Benue, into Cameroon through Benue and Chad, and down into Ugbangi-Kongo River basins where we spread to the Congo coast and Rift Valley to fill up East and South Africa. Original Africans are over 700million strong, not measly sparsely populated European defined national plantations. 70% of the populations of Nigeria and Africa as a whole are Original Africans – Niger Congo ethnolinguistic family. We started the first knowledge bank and religion, Ifa which has the highest moral standards, greater than anything Abrahamic dogma could attain. We can not fight the Fulani Jihadist as Christians, nor the Western Crusader as a Muslims, since we will always end up being used and betrayed by the other.

We should not fight to retain the present status quo of nation-states or ask for new smaller more restrictive nation-states. Instead we should change our mindset to that of continentwide citystates where every ethnicity no matter how small has its right of self determination over their resources, culture and people.

So, please let the real Africans stand up to educate and agitate on an Original African platform for a permanent solution towards economic and political liberation, or we all perish!

Shackles of the African nation-state of mind.

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