Over time, the idea of 100 days in office has been used to measure the success or failure of governments.

While famous American writer and author, Kenneth T. Walsh, believes that 100 days should not be the ideal yardstick to establish the success or otherwise of a leader or government, he still regards it as a functional device for measuring effectiveness.

It should, however, be stressed that success in the first 100 days does not really translate into an enduring success afterward. In the same vein, initial difficulties do not, in any way, signify that a government is doomed to failure. It is neither here nor there, depending on the dynamics of the times and the personality of the political actors in charge.

Despite unfounded criticisms of his person and personality and unceasing distractions by fifth columnist sponsored by disgruntled sore loser politicians, Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo state has remained focused, firm, unwavering and has endeared himself to the good people of Imo state within this 100 days in office. At his swearing in ceremony at the Hero Square, Distinguished Senator Hope Odidika Uzodinma proclaimed that his administration will be anchored on 3Rs namely Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Recovery of Imo State from its lost glory.

Governor Hope Uzodinma has been a glimmer of hope for Imo State people since his assumption into office on January 15, 2020, and more especially, during this critical time when the masses are confronted with the threat of the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic.

The marking of 100 days in office by elected office holders may not be, strictly speaking, of Nigerian origin, but like any other thing imported, the country has so celebrated, idolised and glorified this event that it has become a ritual.

Ideally, 100 days in office is a yardstick for measuring performance; it is a barometer of sorts for determining the direction to which a new government in power is headed. The event should further serve as a prism through which the citizens see and judge the motive, motion and direction of their new leaders.

In reality, however, 100 days in office in Nigeria is just a tradition, a ritual that elected officials mark with little or no consideration for its significance or purpose.

Moreso, in just 100 days, despite the crushing effects of the oil price fall, the fact that the coffers were cleaned out by the Ihedioha administration in trying to pick up and make progress from the previous Okorocha government adjudged by all Imolites to be the worst ever government, and the crippling corona virus pandemic lockdown, Governor Uzodinma was still able to;

pay workers and pensioners,

tackle the crippling problem of desilting our abandoned Owerri underground sewage system,

restore our public water system,

continue the construction of critical roads and drainages,

distribute INNOSON Vehicles to long suffering permanent secretaries and other senior civil servants to shore up confidence within the civil service,

rise to the occasion in preparation to forestall the COVID 19 pandemic menace by setting up isolation centers at Okigwe General Hospital, Aboh Mbaise General Hospital, Orlu General Hospital, Federal Medical Centre Owerri, General Hospital Umuguma and the Ultra-Modern Woddy Isolation Centre, Orlu Road Owerri and with an emergency number 112 for quick response,

fumigate the township areas,

purchase scores of ambulances,

distribute palliative food items and cash to the indigent in the 27 LGAs,

purchase scores of security vehicles In preparation for emerging security concerns and emergencies and launched ‘the Operation Search and Flush’ with an emergency call center unit,

and is also preparing to set up testing centers across the state etc.

to mention just a few.

Government is a continuum and let’s not forget that Governor Uzodinma did not have the benefit of a transition period. He had to hit the ground running immediately.

The Governor in a hurry to transform Imo State, had appointed and sworn in 24 Commissioners and 93 Aides

Within this period, he has also managed to reactivate the abandoned ADAPALM.

The discerning amongst us Imolites will agree with me that it is not how fast, but how well things are done that matters, especially with an almost one month lockdown precipitating economic and financial slowdown to add to the mix. You will all agree with me that Governor Uzodinma has done considerably well under the circumstances. We should all not cease to pray that God almighty continues to lead, guide, bless and protect him as he discharges his duties as governor and leads and guides us through this dreadful coronavirus pandemic and an uncertain future.

Chima “Oblong” Nnadi
Duruebube Ihiagwa.

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