OPINION: Nnamdi Kanu and his effect on the future of ndigbo.

No matter how bitter the medicine is, if there is a chance it will work, then many of us will take it. I therefore write, knowing that my weekend will be spent absorbing horrible names and insults, whilst blocking the most ill mannered amongst my readers. But what I also know, is that I will get some converts, and will sway the free thinking persons out there, who either never knew the truth, or who were never able to see things from a different side of the pentagon. Which ever category you fall into, I wish you God’s blessings and a happy weekend. Without sacrifice, there is no progress, and I’m quite happy to be your lamb.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to use this opportunity to provide us with information on the historical narrative of how Nnamdi Kanu became, and the relationship between Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB, and Ralph Uwazuruike of MASSOB. Please forgive my lack of diplomacy, I am more troublesome than I look.

Some of you guys do not understand the relationship between Nnamdi kanu and Uwazuruike. Today Uwazuruike, who started with meager means, has numerous real estate in owerri and numerous classy cars, all purchased with monies from the proceeds of subscriptions and donations to Massob. The last I heard, Uwazuruike is now an advocate for one Nigeria, just as Ojukwu was, when he returned from exile. It will not surprise me one day to hear Nnamdi Kanu preaching for one Nigeria, and the unity of all Nigerians. It’s called progress. We all progress at different stages in life.

At the height of Massob, or when Ralph Uwazuruike was playing his game, Nnamdi Kanu was under him, but one day got upset that people like him were not benefitting enough from the massive monies being collected by Ralph Uwazuruike, and so decided to break away and form his own resistance/agitation organization. As a one man squad, he moved to England as an asylum seeker, and after trying unsuccessfully to make monies from ApgaUK, he managed to hijack some equipment from certain persons, and used the equipment to set up what we all know now as Radio Biafra, using the same rhetoric he had been taught by Uwazuruike to woo as many as possible. Ralph Uwazuruike should be proud of his prodigy, confirming that along with all the skills he has, the skill of mentoring is foremost.

But back to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. His soul aim of setting up Radio Biafra was to obtain as much, and as many subscriptions as possible, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At the time, he did not know how successful he would be. The MNK brand is now a brand, that any investor would gladly dole out a few billions to own. To the extent that even his mentor, Ralph Uwazuruike got jealous, and as we were told on the day of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s traditional marriage, Uwazuruike had him forcibly picked up, given a thorough beating and brought to his boss, Uwazuruike for questioning on why, he, MNK, now feels he can outshine his mentor.

That day was quite symbolic, because on that day, Uwazuruike said something to Nnamdi Kanu, that made Nnamdi Kanu plan his next move, which would turn his fortunes into what they are today. This is what Ralph Uwazuruike said to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu👇🏽

“that you, Nnamdi Kanu can never be like me, no matter what you have, or what you do. I, Uwazuruike, have been incasarated by the federal republic of Nigeria, in the name of my agitation for the actualization of Biafra; You have not, and until you go to jail, in the name of Biafra, you will never be as great as me”

These last words stuck and kept ringing in Nnamdi Kanu’s head, hence the plan for him to go to jail. But going to jail meant coming back to Nigeria, but when the time was right, and he was mentally prepared, he announced his trip to Nigeria, gave details to everyone of his time of arrival, where he would be staying, and what he would be doing. He virtually invited the security forces to come and arrest him, by daring them. The whole purpose of this exercise was for him to make Uwazuruike eat his words, and he did.

However, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, with absolutely no conviction for Biafra could not hack jail, especially when he realized that his arrest had boosted subscriptions, and he did not trust those in charge, having made appropriate arrangements with a number of persons (names withheld) on how to look after his wife, and keep the monies coming in, while he was inside. He never for once believed he would be inside for that long, but must remain grateful that Buhari added tremendous value to his brand.

At the first opportunity he saw to get bail, he took it, without thinking about, or negotiating for those that were arrested along side him. The typical nature of those that come up with these extraordinary schemes.

Most of you know the rest of the story. Many of you have boasted to me that 1.7 million Youths in Nigeria pay a monthly subscription of ₦500, meaning that IPOB earns ₦850million a month from Nigeria alone; Many of you have also said that 1.5 million members across the world pay between $50 to $100 in annual subscriptions, which is a whopping earnings of around $100 million annually in hard currency.

If this disclosure is true, then this money gives MNK tremendous power, so he does not need anyone’s advise. When some folk ask us to go and advise him, to curtail what he says or to try to reign him in, they do not understand how impossible such a task is. The Supreme leader is the Supreme leader. The one that knows it all, and under no one’s authority.

He is accumulating and living like a king. Those that know him in London can confirm this. The scheme is the perfect money making scheme which keeps the unsuspecting mind believing that Nigeria is a ‘Zoo’, that it is so bad, that Igbos are enslaved, that Igbos are marginalized, and that when you wake up in the morning, you are likely to run into a fulani mob ready to turn you into mince meat, and that he, the Supreme Leader, will deliver Biafra to the Igbos. Not once has the question of ‘how’? been answered. He simply says ‘Biafra or Death!’. But when the time came for him to test these three words, he ran away for his life, off the back of a tip off from the very Governors he continues to abuse and insult.

I would personally, not even be bothered about Nnamdi Kanu, and what he says, if not for the extreme damage he is doing to the Igbos. After all, I do not pay any subscriptions, so he is not accountable to people like me, but I can tell you, that his actions and utterances have been so provocative to Nigerians, and especially to the North, to the extent that it has opened up their eyes, and made them extremely weary and cautious about the Igbos. It has not only made the North weary, but it has also made the South South and others weary. Never once, did the South South give their consent to be part of the Biafra he is branding about. The gains of our unity, love, inter tribal marriage we have had since 1970 are gradually being rolled back, as his message breeds fear, tribalism and division amongst a people that had decided not to forget the past, but to put it away. It is for this reason that I am concerned, because I am an Igbo man, and cannot be far away from anything that will affect my fellow Igbo’s. There pain is my pain, and their joy is my joy, so I must show concern.

The Northerners, who do not know much about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu are reminded through him of Major Nzeogwu, who they say, killed their revered leaders. MNK has put the North in such a weary position, which gave them no choice, but to vote back Buhari in 2019. Buhari may not have done well in his first term, but is looked upon, as their Mahdi, and one who will protect them and restore their lost glory, and one who has their interest at heart. This fear of what MNK agitates, is what is speedily making them build infrastructure at high speed in the North, notwithstanding the fact that the costs will eventually bankrupt Nigeria. A Nigeria that the North will by then, not even need.

It is this fear that has brought the North much tighter together, despite the harassment, killings and displacement of various ethnic minorities by the Fulani herdsmen, when it came to the elections of 2019, the North voted as one, because to them, there is a bigger fear. Little do they know that IPOB does not even own one rifle, and are just full of lots of barking, but not a single bite.

Many say that the North will never give in to restructuring, not understanding or even noticing exactly what is going on. There is no doubt that the North is getting ready for restructuring. May I just remind us that one of the major reasons why the North was merged with the South of means was to sustain the North who could not sustain itself. The British have not forgotten this. Western leaders like Gorden Brown, Tony Blair and John Kerry have made the North realize that the strategic and economic importance of crude oil will soon be history. That the North should speedily reorganize themselves for a post Nigeria without sufficient oil revenues.

Once Buhari became President, the chants by IPOB and a jailed MNK, for Biafra grew louder. America then, through the US Institute for Peace, organized strategy sessions for the North (late 2015/early 2016) on how best to prepare the North and re-energize it. The sessions informed the North, that Nigeria would eventually need to be restructured, if not, not even the North would survive. It went further to educate them on how this restructuring would affect them. They learnt from these strategy sessions what the vulnerabilities of the region would be, when restructuring occures, and how to ensure that such vulnerabilities are dealt with now, well before restructuring occurs. In essence, they need to be proactive, unlike some that very emotional and only reactive.

One major vulnerability highlighted is the fact that the North is landlocked. They were advised that they would need alternative international trade access routes, which do not depend on the south. This is why they commenced at high speed the building of railway lines into Niger Republic, to connect with the Niger Republic’s supply and logistics systems. This project is on going.

They were also advised that they needed to be independent of the South for petroleum products. So amongst a number of options, they went ahead with the project of building a completely new modern refinery in Daura, to which they signed an MOU with the Chinese to build. The new refinery is being built to refine Crude oil coming in from Niger Republic. The choice of Daura as a location is to reduce the cost of pipelines, as piping to the Kaduna refinary would have been very expensive, especially since the Kaduna refinary would need to be built from scratch in order to be able to refine the grade of oil coming out of the Niger Republic. The North is also invested heavily in oil exploration in various parts of the North. Bauchi is just one location, many may recall.

Another major vulnerability identified is that a significant proportion of Nigeria’s power generation and infrastructure is located in the South. It was agreed that the North would need to rebalance power generation, if it was to industrialize. It is therefore not surprising that contracts have been awarded to pipe gas from the south to pass through Ajaokuta to Abuja, Kaduna, and Kano (AKK), in order to build three thermal stations in each of the 3 cities which will generate 4,500 MW of electricity, to ensure that the north will be self sufficient in electricity. This project is also good for Nigeria, as it will also make it possible for Nigeria to sell her gas to North African countries, thereby opening new markets, to which under restructuring, the South would have to pay a charge to pass this gas over the Northern Nigerian territory.

The North is now also investing heavily in agriculture with a view to be in a position to feed themselves and export to other countries, in addition those of us in the south. Today the south is totally dependent on food from the North. It is quite surprising that despite the East’s experience of starvation during the Civil war, we have failed to become food sufficient. In fact 50% of the monies sent by our relatives abroad ultimately end up in the North, who supply us with most of our daily food.

To boost agriculture, the FG has at this time done what no other government in Nigeria has been able to do. They have closed the land borders, and presented farmers with a great windfall, as a massive incentive to motivate Northern farmers. They have also provided their farmers, who work through cooperatives with machinery and cheap loans through the CBN and the Bank of Agriculture to help stabilize the level of growth in agriculture. It’s a fantastic development.

These are just a few examples to prove my point that the North is seriously preparing for restructuring, whilst we appear to be twiddling our thumbs, whilst our youth waste their time listening to emotional and sentimental rhetoric, devoid of rationality or any plans, but designed solely for the purpose to give false hope, so that someone can continue to collect monies from them, which they cannot hold anyone accountable for. Eventually when that someone is done with everyone, he will wake up and say that he did not succeed, because the elite Ndigbo did not support him, whereas there was never any plan from day one, as it is more than obvious that a lot of people are being taken for a fool. All will eventually realise this.

I have spent the time to write this article, not because I enjoy writing, but because I have become very concerned, and worried about how bleak our future will be, if we do not reorientate our people towards preparing for restructuring, and reaching out to all Nigerians, so that we can create a non aggressive atmosphere, where every Nigerian is comfortable with the other. Where restructuring will not divide us, but unite us. Where restructuring will not make any region poorer, but will enhance the potential of each region, through innovation, trust and information sharing. Where our trust levels are sufficient enough for each region to have its own security network, without anyone feeling threatened.

Thank you, and have a nice weekend.

I am and remain

Chief Joseph Chukwuma Ikunna


One thought on “OPINION: Nnamdi Kanu and his effect on the future of ndigbo.

  1. Well said Dear Chief Joseph Ikwunna, I have gone through your beautiful, Wise and Truth filled piece, please all these have and are happening because those who know have chosen to pursue irrelevances and crumbs or play the ostriches, now what do we do, how do create a New NDIGBO and ALAIGBO no doubt Uwazurike and Nnamdi Kalu have taken advantage of an existing vacuum in LEADESHIP in ALAIGBO, how do we create the desired future without being like the present.


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