Anambra 2021: The Unvarnished Truth – by Aniedobe.

Igbo elite’s failure to acknowledge that the Igbo now have a defacto Governor General in the person of Maazi Kanu is why they think that Anambra 2021 will be business as usual.

If the elite are sincere, the vast majority of ndi Anambra have already opted to sit at home and let them elect their governor.

We have a constitutional anomaly and pretending that it is business as usual won’t make the problem go away.

So if you are one of those who hope that people will troop out to go and vote and thwart their plans to rig an unpopular candidate into power, you simply are living in a different reality.

Our people have the right to vote.

They also have the right not to vote.

Both rights should be protected and I hope that Inec and the Nigerian police will be there to protect both the right to vote and the right not to vote.

Igbo masses have been stating for so long that Nigeria is not working for them and all Nigeria has done is shoot any one of them who takes to the streets to peacefully protest the situation.

Now that the sovereign power of the people has been granted to Maazi Kanu, you really honestly think that they will come out to vote for an Anambra Governor of Nigerian extraction?


Sure, a Governor will emerge even if one percent of the electorate participate in the voting.

And you think that ndi Anambra masses care? Only the status quoists care. The masses are not interested in more of the same.

Be honest, for far too long, the elite have always used the masses to do their electoral bidding. This time around, Maazi Kanu has the full power of the masses vested upon him and his followers will not participate in this election because their soul has departed from what is clearly a failed Nigeria.

Anambra 2021 is a test run for the Nigerian Referendum that should and must happen. It will be a model to be adopted by Nigerians as a peaceful way to register their desire to no longer participate in any civic processes arising out of the 1999 Constitution until and unless Nigeria is structured.

So let the elite go and vote while the masses wait for further instructions from their leader.

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