Uzodimma’s Poor Reward System: A Tacit Call For Political Sabotage, End To APC Reign In Imo.


Political patronage is very essential in a participatory democracy. Infact, the reward system is a must in politics.

Throughout the world in democracies: support, loyalty and allegiance are rewarded! And any State Governor, Senator , Federal Reps member, State legislator , LGA Chairman, etc, that pays lips service or no attention to this, does so at his own peril. Even within the corporate sharks, a staff whose promotion is unduly delayed or allowances denied through boardroom politics, poses a big threat to that organization. At least, I have briefly worked in the bank, UBA.

As a matter of fact , poor reward system leads to loosing some critical stakeholders and members of a state governor’s cabinet because: *Loyalty is serviceable*.

And mind you, ‘anaghi eme loyalty with empty stomach (Translation)’.

Those who feel sidelined or relegated to the background after your electoral victory , especially, if they had played prominent role towards your emergence also deserve to be practically empowered, or even compensated which should be commensurate with the level of their commitments, dedication, supports and sacrifices including the risks they waded through just to support your governorship project or related political ambition.

Unfortunately, Nigerian politics is quite dramatic and full of deceits as people easily forget the past and renege on their promises or political pact with others.

The above , however, laid the foundation for this sincere opinion and intrepid analysis as the disturbing news about Governor Hope Uzodimma’s alleged one -man – show style of governance in his much touted Shared Prosperity Administration, clandestinely makes the stakeholders and party stalwarts to maintain some distance from him.

People are silently complaining yet, nobody wants to own up! The rich also cry, including presumed close political allies of His Excellency !

I am true to my conscience and write as the spirit leads me since nobody can compel me to write anything for, or against the government. As a certified online Publisher, I commend governments and also condemn same where necessary.

I love this governor, his sincerity of purpose in reconstructing , rehabilitating, and recovering Imo State for ndi Imo. I guess most true patriots are also on the same page with me?

Funny enough, his political disposition nay body language is not showing that he appreciates such support, solidarity and loyalty.

The poor reward system of this present government under Sen. Hope Uzodimma is almost hitting the bolling point.

And I sincerely ask: Is it not about time he genuinely started empowering his foot soldiers and avowed loyalists?

This wrong impression and lingering mumuring in the Imo political space that Onwa is running a one man show poses a big danger to his re-election bid, if at all he had such plans.

His Excellency, do not be carried away by the euphoria of power. Your party men and women are not happy, they are complaining!

Kindly open the flow as to put some smiles on the faces of the people who had worked so tirelessly to bring this government into existence! After all, a labourer deserves of his wages.

A number of them put their lives in jeopardy to demonstrate their unalloyed loyalty and unflinching support. Do not allow their political enemies to laugh at them in derison.

Some of them, not all, may not have opened up because of fear, or better still, as they are merely keeping hope alive. I hope these patient dogs will not die in penury.

What about those who joined the APC from other political parties; PDP, APGA, etc?

Can they confidently say in their closest that they didn’t regret that singular decision or persuasion in joining the ruling APC inorder to assist you move Imo State forward ?

They are the leaders, critical stakeholders, businessmen, contractors and even committed party faithful (s) and low- income supporters who may not have anyone to make case for them! What about the diasporans?
Have you given them any audience as their state governor ? Or you think distance is a barrier ?

More importantly, kindly consider the unemployed and yet to be empowered dedicated party faithful of the APC and possibly improve their lots, the harsh economy may have compelled them to perpetually keep quiet for now, but not during the elections. This is where I give Owelle Rochas Okorocha some credit !

As an independent publisher, I covered the Party’s state Congress in Owerri and didn’t ask anyone to pay me. It provided me an ample opportunity to sample opinions and interview some state delegates, especially, the middle class who came from their various communities to the capital city, Owerrri, for the sake of the Congress and in anticipation for transport fare back home .

With mixed reactions from their responses, I saw an expression of doldrums and of depression, yet, strong determination to keep supporting their party, the APC, which was rather too friendly under Owelle Rochas Okorocha as the state governor. I am not speaking from a guess work, I am speaking from statistics.

Alot of these delegates, from ward to LGA levels, have toiled for the party as much as any other person and perhaps more than most people who joined the party recently but are now at the front row as lucky beneficiaries.

If this APC Shared Prosperity Mantra of your government must appeal to ndi Imo, the party must remain true to its progressive democratic creed of truly sharing prosperity rather than poverty as the current situation in the state is proving to the political pundits , critics and other conservatives. Nevertheless, it is not too late to change the narrative for the better and be commended in this regard.

Some stakeholders who shared ideas with me have complained about the government’s loss of cohesion and direction despite holding very tenaciously power and in good books of the Presidency.

To this end, if things didn’t change for the better and expectedly soon, the coming weeks and months shall spring many surprises as a new wave of defection from the ruling party to the main opposition party, PDP, especially, as they used their just concluded national convention in Abuja to prove a point that the PDP is organised and prepared to give Nigerians a rather better alternative in governance .

The poser remains :
Can Nigerians trust PDP again after 16 wasteful years ?

May the 5th Force that shall bring about the long awaited new Nigeria of our collective dreams come forth. Amen !

It is a new month, to take a dispassionate new look at the social welfare of the people that work so hard for you, and with you.

  • Njoku MacDonald Obinna

Media Consultant|News Reporter|PR – Expert


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