The retreat of the West is a disaster.

Bernard-Henri Lévy, France’s most famous public intellectual in an interview talks about the massacre of Christians in Nigeria and Madrasas by Turks in the Middle Belt.

While Nigeria’s Vice-President supposedly a Christian and a Pastor, denies that there is any massacre of Christians and was described by a USA official as “He lies shamelessly — including this weekend in New York — about the anti-Christian persecution his government is at least tolerating and, at worst, enabling…” (in June 2019), we have Mr Lévy saying that Christians of Nigeria are being massacred. So who is LYING! Is it this French Philosopher? Or the Nigerian Pastor-Prof. of Law?

Hear Bernard-Henri Lévy in the video interview: “The retreat of the West is a disaster”


I’m not a troop maniac. It is not only troops. Nigeria, for example, Nigeria, a huge scandal is going on in Nigeria, you have half of the population of Nigeria, who are Christians, who are targeted, killed, massacred, because they are Christians, not because they are farmers against shepherds, not because they are southerners against north. Because they are Christians. I revealed that in my book, I made an investigation and reportage to check that and to prove that. So what I would like is number one, to take that into account, to recognise it. Not to listen to all these alleged experts who tell us no, it’s nothing. It is just tribal conflicts. No, it is large scale massacre, ignored by the West, ignored by the democracy and which is based on a religious war. Number one to take into account,

Number two to exert the appropriate pressures on the government of Nigeria, which is governed by extremist Muslim people, President Buhari and others, a Fulani and who is of course vulnerable to sanctions and to pressures. Let’s try by this. Let’s try to have leverage with the fact that for example, we UK, France, Europe, America, buy their oil or might not buy, don’t let’s— I saw in the Middle Belt of Nigeria, I saw Madrasas created by Turks, I saw some strong forces full with the Neo Ottoman creed. Why leave Nigeria to these people? Why? So what I recommend is just again, to be –

Take action of some kind.

Diplomacy, pressure, sanctions, whatever. Or we decide that we no longer count in the scene of the world. It’s another option. It is not mine. I think that we are France, we are UK, we have some values, these values when they are embraced, for example, by the Christians of Nigeria. It’s intelligent, and it is fair to help.

Do you feel, actually, it’s a very interesting example an important one the Christians of Nigeria because some people would feel that Christian countries should pay particular attention to those kinds of crimes, because there is a kind of solidarity of faith there.
How does that fit in with your liberal worldview is that allowed? Should Christians in Western countries care more about the massacre of Christians in Nigeria, than cultures that they have less to do with?

They should care about massacres in general, they should care about people embracing their values, our values. And it is incomprehensible, it is impossible to understand when these people calling for help, and wanting to share… are Christians, sharing not only our values, but our creed and so on. And they cannot understand this truth – how, why the Christians in the West support so much (and that’s great) the Christians of Middle East of Mosul. I pleaded for that a lot! But nothing about the Christians of Nigeria. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because there is a blackout in the press. Maybe because Africa is considered as being remote. But my role, my role is to say, as loud as I can: you have here a population, who has an additional reason to be cared about.


Please share widely, throughout Nigeria and in the global community.

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