Ndi Imo have a peculiarly sickening political culture. We play politics with the mouth rather than with the head;

Politics being the only thriving mainstay of the state, citizens are all learning the art of the blessing-turned-curse. To survive, everybody (priests, politicians, sycophants, professionals, security agents, everybody) now play the game which -fortunately or unfortunately- requires only notorious skills of attacking any percived enemies of the government and even honest critics of government policies, process and politics.

Nigeria is in dire straits. Educationally, medically, economically, professionally, socially, let alone politically, Nigeria is in trouble. Nigeria is in deep shit. why wont ndi imo want to be OBIdient in the face of a total failure of leadership at the federal level? inasmuch as our governor is trying as best a he can, he will loose any capital he has built if he dares try to encourage ndi Imo to support a muslim muslim candidacy and try to dissuade us from subscribing to a national movement against his partys total and absolute failure at the centre. This is not the time to tell people not to be OBIdient. He must not sink and drown with a party going downhill. We understand the dilemma he faces, but it will be unwise to flow against the tide unlike other governors who have kept mute in the face of the raging storm.

The statistics are not just grim, they are also frightening. We produce nothing apart from dwindling oil for the international market but we consume everything therefrom. We are drowning in debt and oue financial future is bleak if not properly managed. The worst is that almost all the 200 million of us are trapped in some kind of somnambulism. There’s troubling deafening silence as everyone seems used to suffering and enjoying it.

Nothing best captures this sad commentary the way our approach to politics does. we put our interests and party ahead of country, state or local government area. We become immune to sound reasoning. We prefer mediocrity to excellence.

It is no surprise that this state and we the people have continued to remain far away from our promised land. Fellow ndi Imo, shall we allow this chronic evil to torment us yet again in 2023/2024?

That poser requires no answer. It is a call to action. Dear compatriots, let’s wise up; let’s be loyal to ourselves -at least for once. 2023 is our chance to start to refuel, recalibrate and relaunch with patriotism, with sense, with experience, with courage and with intentionality.

That mission should start with all of us imbibing an understanding of the concept called loyalty. Apart perhaps from clannishness, ignorance and injustice, the other Imo weapon of mass oppression is loyalty. There’s an ungodly dirty tendency to dress up loyalty as acceptable slavery.

Loyalty is a virtue, no doubt. But, just as humility could easily be misconstrued as timidity, loyalty can easily turn into slavery. A loyal person who has no sense and no self-worth can easily become a slave but still go about giving sermons on loyalty. As we speak, there are near us far more slaves than loyal ndi Imo!

How do you know yours is not foolish loyalty? First, you get treated like a human being rather than like some ape who’s just being favoured. Secondly, you enjoy loyalty too from those to whom you are loyal and can genuinely explain away occasional deprivations or delays. Thirdly and most importantly, nobody forced you to swear to any silly oath and you nurse no anti-loyalty sentiments that you permanently suppress so they don’t tag you disloyal!

Listen, if the twin vices of insatiability and ingratitude (which are the hallmark of greed) tint your loyalty: you are a disloyal person. That is, if someone to whom you are loyal remains accessible, fair and helpful to you: you are disloyal when you move away or connive with their opponent or in a different direction; except you had first explained your new reality to them. On the other hand, if you shun a system or a table from which only leftovers or such other crumbs come to you: nature will asterisk you as a loyal person who showed courage. Courage is a necessary ingredient in loyalty: you need it to create balance, to keep sane, to remain loyal, to speak up, or even to stay alive.

The truth is: most of those we deem disloyal (because they dared to break free) are super loyal people who only showed courage or class or cause or all. If you choose to not remain tied to the apron strings of an unjust system, or of an abusive marriage, or of an overbearing godfather, or of a lousy relationship, or of an unprofitable partnership, you have displayed courage -not disloyalty. If you grow of age to now want what your one-time boss or benefactor also wants, that is growth -not disloyalty. If you break away from your predecessor for popular good -for the verifiable and proven good of the people- you commit no crime of disloyalty; rather we can say for sure that you not only have sense, you also fear God.

Nobody should be intimidated into depression, sickness or subservience in the name of loyalty. If you honestly believe that you deserve(d) better and that you didn’t and won’t get commensurate returns on loyalty, it is not disloyalty to not stick around a second longer. This contextualisation should empower many of our people to stand up and be counted in the next electoral window. Vis-a-vis 2023, you’d not run aground near the coast of disloyalty if you swam away from the leader or set-up that has been disloyal to you.

Moving on might sound too extreme but it is far better than staying put and whining eternally. Blind, slavish loyalty is sheer waste of man-hours, manpower and man-everything. By the way: this message is not for everybody; it is only for those who’d lose nothing if they went for broke. Last line: if you have been lying all along though, that the system or leader or relationship has offered you nothing when indeed you got so much which you succeeded in hiding away, your surname shall from this day forward be disloyalty; since loyalty didn’t fail you, you failed loyalty.

God bless imo state of Nigeria!

Duruebube uzii na Abosi

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