Chimazuru Nnadi-Oforgu

The job of a senator is to act on behalf of the Nigerian people and his state zonal constituency in legislative sessions to ensure their voices and that of the common citizen is heard. Each of the 36 Nigerian states has three Senate representatives and one for the FCT.

Detailed below are the most important aspects of the job of a senator.

The Job of a Senator: Key Aspects

Represent Constituents;

The most important job of a senator is to represent his people. A senator speaks with citizens about problems, concerns or suggestions they have for their senatorial zone.

People elect their senators with the expectation that they will fight for legislation that is in the best interest of the senatorial zone and the average nigerian citizen.

Senators’ offices should take phone calls and emails from citizens who want to share their opinions or make complaints. They then review the information they receive to find out the stances of their constituents on various issues.

Inform the Public;

In addition to gathering information from members of the community, senators share information with the public. A senator must be proactive and diplomatic. They may make many visits to their senatorial zones, to schools, public institutions, to the state government, to parastatals and other organizations that want to learn more about the legislative process.

Senators also hold regular press conferences, constitiency briefings, give speeches and speak with the media in order to educate people on current issues and inform them of current legislation.

Additionally, if a constituent is having difficulty working with a government agency or parastatal, they can contact their senator to help facilitate interaction and strengthen their voice.

Serve on Committees;

Senators are required to serve on Senate committees. Each committee has a different focus such as health, education, business or national security etc. At each scheduled committee meeting, members listen to presentations from lobbyists, organizations and other interested parties on important topics. Afterward, senators debate new bills and propose amendments to the existing legislation.

Introduce Legislation;

A senator also uses constituent feedback to identify new laws that need to be passed. Senators work with their staff to research topics, identify issues and propose laws to protect citizens.

An important part of the job of a senator is to be active, persuasive and vocal in order to get as much publicity and support for a bill as possible. They consistently network with fellow Senate members and organizations to convince others why supporting their bill is important and just.

A finalized bill will pass through several committees on its way to the Senate floor for a full vote.

If said bill originated in the Senate, it is passed on to the House of Representatives for approval by Congress. If approved by Congress, the bill goes to the president to be signed into law or vetoed.

The Senate is known as a “continuing body,” because its members are only up for re-election every four years.

Do we really have senators or bench warmers? Every 4 years we send in unqualified mediocre persons to the senate to go and enrich themselves and come back to lord over us. They avoid informed, exposed and enlightened members of their senatorial zones who could question their inadequacies and only mingle freely with sycophantic fanatic party followers, touts and hangers on who they keep around them by offering them crumbs to not question them, but to praise sing them and attack anyone who tries to call them to question as a means to cover their inadequacies till the next election.

We must make sure this time that we send only our best equipped to the senate if we desire maximum yeild from their representation of us. Bench warmers should be voted out enmasse to make way for better qualified inspiring representation. Take their money and show them the door. Its your money anyway. We cant keep doing the same thing every cycle and expect different results. Our people do not require useless and mediocre empowerment of short lived chinese substandard motorcycles, generators, hair dressing machines, unservicable solar powered bore holes and town halls.

What is the business of a senator building town halls and other rubbish. Such monies can be channeled towards renovating schools and equipping hospitals.

Enough is a enough, no more mediocre representation.

Chimazuru Nnadi -Oforgu
Duruebube Uzii na Abosi


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