Chimazuru Nnadi-Oforgu

Self-centered and self serving politicians are not difficult to identify as they unashamedly exhibit a “do-or-die” disposition. Not only that, they display acquisitive character as if the resources God blessed Nigeria with as a nation solely belongs to them. Oddly enough, people in this category across the country are just a marginal percentage of the demographic segment of Nigeria’s societies put together.

This category of politicians or political leaders are not difficult to identify in public places, and they are majorly not in any way better than Nigerians in other sectors of the economy; in terms of academic and professional qualifications and leadership qualities, but only God knows how most of them found themselves at the corridors of power where their collective and individual decisions negatively influence our lives as electorates.

Without any resort to amplification in this context, this has been the cross which other Nigerians, like you and me, that are not privileged to be at the corridors of power have collectively been carrying since 1999 when democratic system of government commenced.

This category of leaders deceptively appear to be people-centered leaders, mission-driven people, or, even, individuals who genuinely care for the well-being of those that elected them to the political position they usually brag with. However, as the electorates have realized over time, these political leaders tend to make decisions and take actions that boost their own welfare, career, or reputation. Many examples exist of actions that such self-serving leaders take.

They will fulfill requests from political sycophants, scavengers and supporters to personally benefit or gain politically in the bid to boost what they tell us is political structure, even in spite of shortchanging the electorates they are constitutionally mandated to represent in their various offices. To self-centered and self serving political leaders, everything and everyone else is secondary to their personal gains.

Seldom will these individuals make political appointments that will make positive impact to their offices unless doing so is beneficial politically. In regard to Special Assistants and other appointees’ performance, self-centered leaders only care about how it may impact them; not on governance that will impact on the electorates.

At first glance, these leaders appear to have a laid-back approach. However, this remains true only until their image or reputation is in jeopardy. Then, although, perhaps, misinformed or unfamiliar with the situation at hand, they make a snap decision based, of course, on self-interest.

When these leaders perceive that a situation may negatively impact on them, they have little or no patience for the issue or persons involved. Often, their concern for themselves will make them resort to anger when under perceived scrutiny or questioning. Aptly put, they are usually paranoid whenever they find themselves in such situation.

These individuals skillfully can claim credit for others’ successes and distance themselves from negative situations.

Further, in the interest of political career enhancement, self-serving political leaders shamelessly will placate useful idiots within a political party even when they ought not.

How do the people deal and coexist with this category of political leaders? This is a difficult question to answer. One thing remains certain, the self-centered and self serving politician cannot and will not change. His narcissistic personality and value system has taken shape for years. Perhaps, the best advice for those under the influence of a such political leaders is to remember that, ultimately, everyone should strive to work to the best of their ability for personal pride and a greater good, regardless of poor leadership.

I am inspired to express this view as a way of speaking truth to the collective conscience of some of our political leaders and polticians that have the predilection to always engage in deception, political bullying and electoral intimidation.

To any reader of this piece that has the fear of God, a dispassionate analysis of the foregoing will show that there are politicians across the country that do not care if other people exist except them, their clan, their pockets and their family members. Therefore, my take in this piece is that the blame for the retrogression of our progress as a nation should be laid squarely at the feet of politicians or rather our political leaders who have completely obfuscated this democratic dispensation that commenced since 1999 to the extent that it has hindered the attainment of good governance across the three-tiers of government in Nigeria and set us many years backwards.

It is time for the people to rise up and reject such leaders in whatever capacities they present themselves for election or re-election in the upcoming polls. The choice is ours. We have credible alternatives. We need to look beyond our political parties for better choices. I credit Nigerians with the discernment to make the right choices. Opportunity beckons with the birth of a third force. A word is enough for the wise.

Chimazuru Nnadi-Oforgu
Duruebube Uzii na Abosi


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