Chief Titus Ume-Ezoke

Chief Titus Ike Ume-Ezeoke, Onyima of Amichi was the founder of Peoples Club of Nigeria. He was the younger brother of Sir Geoffrey Ume-Ezeoke former Accountant General of the Old Anambra State and also the elder brother of Chief Edwin Ume-Ezeoke former Speaker of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under President Shagari.
They were sons of HRH Igwe Peter Umeorimili Ezeoke of Amichi the Paramount Obi of Amichi.

After the civil war, his business and that of his friends and many others naturally went under. One day, while he was lounging with Chief Umeohamadike Obieze, Azukaenyi of Unubi and his friends in Aba in 1971, the thought to form the Club came as a means to socialize and help themselves and ndigbo heal from the wounds of the civil war, coupled with the pain and frustation of being robbed by the government and given only 20 pounds each, thereby losing thousands and millions of their hard earned money.

Peoples club was formed in 1971 in Aba (Abia state of Nigeria)

Peoples Club was founded when it mattered most, at a time when Ndigbo were on the verge of losing faith, when they felt abandoned, raped, maimed and ravaged by the civil war, when they had no iota of hope, when the experience and remembrance of war nearly extinguished a race and people, thats when it was birthed.
It wasn’t founded only to socialize, but also to help heal the wounds of the challenging times of the post war era.

Okaa Society of Nigeria existed before the Peoples Club, but it was extinguished during the Biafran War, some of their members died during the war. Okaa Society of Nigeria was mostly young well to do Igbo traders who found common purpose to mingle together and built a fraternity. It died during the war. It is important to note that Peoples Club shaped the generation of wealthy Igbo men who transformed into to what we see today.

The formation was timely and extensively welcomed because of the Club’s founding principle which reads “be your brother’s Keeper” and was also embodied in its motto: Unity, Love and Service.

Since the formation, the Club has grown extensively. By the year 2000, there was a branch of Peoples Club in every major city in Nigeria. As at today, there is branch, some of them (copycat) in almost all major diaspora cities. Peoples Club headquarters is located in Onitsha, Anambra State of Nigeria. 

Chief Titus Ike Ume-Ezeoke retired as the founder and Patron in March 1983. he was the first National President of Peoples Club of Nigeria, he handed over to Dr Chukwuma Obioha, Akajiugo of Arondizuogu as the second National President

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