Hon Uche Onyeagucha

Frankly speaking, one of the major constraints to progressive and effective leadership in Nigeria today is the presence of self-serving and opportunistic leaders.
Leadership in all intents and purposes is concerned with fostering change while the centrality of political governance is service oriented. According to Brad Szollose “politics is a progenitor while leadership is a product which is socioculturally contextual”

The dark reality of the moment is that Owerri zone has been pigeon-holed on the structural pattern of peacock politics especially on the bases of representation at the Senate. Owerri zone has been akin to the proverbial tale of the Tortoise who went to his in-law’s house to ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage but was carried away by the savoury and delicious delicacy offered while a more serious suitor came and took the lady away. This was what led Tortoise into a second marriage contract with “Aliga” his present wife. Very unfortunate.

That is the problem when political contractors are elected to represent the people. Our major constraints and drawback in achieving effective and quality representation for Ndi Owerri zone has remained the failure to position people who are dead to personal and inordinate desires. My problem with some of our Representatives is that they have refused to realize that leadership is a social contract between the leaders and the people and should be used for the benefits of the people who gave them the mandate in trust.

According to President Franklin D. Roosevelt “only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment”. The dark reality of the moment is that Ndi Owerrri zone need a Senator with a strong voice and charming pragmatism to defend and effectively represent the interest of the zone in the Senate. Ndi Owerrri zone must sincerely weigh the option of falling victim to mischievous political imposition machinations and a drowning mediocre voice or the collective benefit of the zone.

In Owerri zone, many have thrown their hat into the ring, positioning themselves to represent the zone in the Senate. Who among these Candidates can make Owerri zone proud as a Senator, this is the big question. I am not a politician, neither am I a card carrying member of any political party. I have no personal relationship with any of the Candidates. I only wish to present my sincere and unbiased view without prejudice to the aspiration of any of them. Many believe that those that had represented the zone in the senate were practically invisible at the floor. The legislature is the Pinnacle of politicking, any Senator whose presence and voice cannot be heard or felt by his people has a question to answer.

But my thinking is that Owerri zone needs a more upfront, pragmatic and result-oriented senator, someone who can compete effectively and favourably with other respected Nigerians who are planning to return to the Senate. Last two months ago I was in Dublin for a conference where I was discussing with some prominent Imo leaders. We pointed out that the year 2023 will be a very significant year in the political history of Nigeria. That, if we can put sentiments apart and elect people that can effectively represent us at the National Assembly, that will be the best for ndigbo. This is without prejudice to the aspiration of other Candidates. For me, I think Uche Onyeagucha has the charisma and pragmatism to make a difference at the Senate if elected. I have known him and followed his activities for a long time, though not on personal ground. I see Onyeagucha as a Senator that will provide a quality and effective representation not only for Owerrri zone but for the entire South East. With the condition Ndigbo find themselves in Nigerian context today, I think we need the likes of Uche Onyeagucha who are fearless with a strong and reverberating voice. Many believe that Uche Onyeagucha has remained on the turf, defying conventional thinking to speak the truth and taking the bull by the horn without any fear of intimidation.

The truth is that, Ndi Owerri zone, Ndi Imo and Ndigbo need a Senator who can inject quality, panache and capacity into the political scene and become an instant hit for effective representation.

This is the time for Ndigbo Owerri zone , Ndimo and Ndigbo at large to out of relative obscurity discover their mission as a people, fullfil it or betray it. This is the time to look for Candidates with overboard consideration and acceptance beyond party lining and imposition. Candidates with characteristics elegance, charismatic equanimity, proven integrity and eclectic dexterity. Those who can fearlessly stand in the gap and defend the interest of the people effectively. I think Uche Onyeagucha is the one.

By Prof. Obioma Ejike, SAN.
6th September, 2022.

Prof. Obioma Ejike, SAN, is a professor of International Law and Jurisprudence, University of Nigeria Nsukka.


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