Onitsha is a town or city in the present day Anambra state. Onitsha was formed by 3 tribes which are Edo (Benin), Igbo and Igala. It had nine villages in which 4 are Edo who are the rulers of Onitsha (Obi of Onitsha), 3 are Igbo while 2 are pure Igala.

The two villages occupied by Igala are Ogbodu and Obigboru. Although, only a few can still speak Igala due to long stay, they still maintain the tradition of Igala in burial, Ocho, marriage and masquerade festivals.
In fact, the mother of one of the former Obi’s of Onitsha was Igala.

ABS in Onitsha back in the day used to give news broadcasts in Igbo and Igala languages. 

Many people are oblivious to the fact that Igalas can be found outside Kogi State. Several young Igalas from Kogi state think all members of their ethnic group are within the confines of the state. Only their elders seem to know there are other Igalas outside, but not much emphasis is laid on this fact.

The Igala people can be found in Kogi, Anambra, Delta(Ebu), Enugu, and Edo states of Nigeria. Of course, the majority of Igalas are found in Kogi state and Idah in Kogi state is the ancestral home of all Igalas. The Igala people in Anambra state are found in Anambra West LGA, and are made up of the following villages/towns:
Nzam, Igbedor, Inoma, Odekpe, Owelle, Ukwala, Onugwa, Ode, Ala and Igbokeyi.

Megba chakaa.

Indigenous Igala People Worldwide.



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