Atiku has never been loyal to any PDP past president, he wasn’t loyal to Obasanjo, Yaradua or Goodluck Jonathan. He betrayed them by decamping just to fight against them. Now, does he expect governors to be loyal to him and support his own ambition? never.

Discerning elements in the PDP know for a fact that Atiku wouldn’t have stayed back in PDP had he lost to Wike. He wouldn’t have supported wike. This is a man who told Goodluck Jonathan to step down, that is the turn of the north to rule in 2015, he didn’t even stop there, he joined a second force (APC ) to ensure that the north grabbed power in 2015.

Now he has returned to PDP to contest the presidency without consideration that it is the turn of south this time to succeed buhari.

My question is this.. Has he lost that sense of justice and fairness he preached in 2015 to ensure power was shifted to north?

As a matter of fact, those PDP members and stakeholders he is banking on in the south east, south south and south west are definitely not with him. They are just simply waiting for the usual largesse. You may think Wikes fight against Atiku is between both of them. Wike is just the arrow head, Atiku will be roundly disgraced in 2023 elections.

PDP Governors from the South east and stakeholders from other regions inclusive of Governor Ortom, held meetings with Peter Obi few weeks ago at wike’s residence in Port harcourt. Nobody knows what was discussed or resolved.

1992 Atiku contested
1999 Atiku contested
2003 Atiku contested
2007 Atiku contested
2011 Atiku contested
2015 Atiku contested
2019 Atiku contested
2023 Atiku again contesting

What kind of desperation is this?
Its been 30 years since he started contesting for president, calculate the billions of Dollars spent in primary and general elections through out those years and you think this person will not want to recoup such huge investment towards his selfish ambition?

The worst is that Atiku and Tinubu gave Nigerians Buhari in 2015 and now they are in different parties.

Also worthy of consideration is whether it is a coinidence that Atiku who pulled down the tweet he made following the babaric lynching of Deborah who was stoned to death by some muslims in sokoto, was recently seen posing gladly with Mamu the Chief ransom negotiator for terrorists?

Copied from a whatsapp forum.

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