Duruebube Uzii na Abosi

Fellow Nigerians, you commit an unforgivable sin in the eyes of God, and a crime in the eyes of man and your generations unborn, when you take money and vote to keep yourselves, your children and your generations unborn in perpetual slavery and servitude. These are the kinds of actions that can be construed as the basis for generational and foundational curses.

Nothing could be more sensible, righteous and democratic than to refuse your vote to be bought or you take the money and then vote for your liberation.

Vote buying has been going on unpunished for as long as I can remember, from even before I became eligible to vote in the mid eighties. The problem appears to lie more with the law than with its enforcement. The law is so inherently ineffectual, that even zealous enforcers can do nothing to make it work – not that zealous enforcement of the law, or of any of our laws, is a virtue.

If it is indeed the case, that we’re unable to protect the sanctity of the vote, unable to guarantee the freedom of its exercise, then we’re living in a sham democracy. But then, why worry? You have an option, take the money and vote your conscience. Simple.

Take the money, then “vote your conscience,” is the only sensible option that we have, given the level of temptation abound.

I challenge fellow Nigerians to make it a point of duty to fight agressively to get your PVCs ahead of the next general elections, it is the only weapon we have to make a fundamental statement in the county’s politics and provocliably cause a paradigm shift of power from the incompetent to the competent, from the old generation to the younger generation.

This call is being echoed frantically for the upcoming 2023 elections, where certain candidates are poised and intend to reap from the weaponised hunger they’ve intentionally inflicted on the masses by elevating the level of intended vote buying and bribery of iNEC officials, as a means to keep us in perpetual slavery and servitude.

As a matter of fact, no voter who can afford not to, will accept that kind of cheap vote buying money. The reverse case is an especially painful and scandalous reality at this time of untold suffering, political slavery, death and poverty. Coupled with government and its associated agencies, too inept, in cohoots or too brazenly corrupt.

Taking the money makes perfectly fair sense of justice, if it is accepted with the intention of making the corrupt candidate pay for a vote he will not get.

Despite the intentional weaponisation of poverty and the lootocracy of our common patrimony by a few corrupt opportunists in power over the years, Nigerians are among, or even top the list of the smartest people in the world. How come weve become so complacent, unthinking and cowardly as to allow a few dumb individuals to play on our collective intelligence and assault our sensibilities for so long? How do you really feel deep down, when a politician or a political party offers you money to vote to keep yourself in perpetual slavery? Tufiakwa!! Olorun maje!!! Sege banza!!!

2023 is the only opportunity we have to change the narrative, if we don’t get it right in 2023, believe me, it will take donkey years before we are able to actualise our desire for a better managed more prosperous Nigeria, if ever.

It is time to stand and defend our country, otherwise posterity will not forgive us.

For how long are we going to continue to complain about government policies, police brutality, insecurity, kidnapping, unemployment, poverty, hunger and poor leadership? We need to be part of the nation’s political process and elect credible leaders without ethnic or religious bias.

I urge Nigerians to be brave and take the bold step to liberate our generation from the current abyss of perpetual poverty and poor governance, noting that our development as a country is about collective responsibility, which together in unism we can deploy to deliver a shock to the corrupt
system that has enslaved us for so long.

Thank you

Chimazuru Nnadi-Oforgu
‘Duruebube Uzii na Abosi’

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