I am beginning to think very seriously that President Muhammadu Buhari might had very noble intentions for Nigeria, but was mostly sabotaged by those in his Party.

Thinking of it, have you wondered how it is that these governors who are today insulting the President over what is arguably his best policy decision in eight years, were the same people who cheered him on when he proposed and implement some very unhealthy policies?

How come the President actually increased the amount of money in circulation by more than 100% from what he met in 2015, yet money is scarcer than it was in 2015? In 2015, the total amount of money in circulation was about 1.2 Trillion Naira, but by sometime around 2017, the CBN had pumped in more than 3.2 Trillion Naira into circulation, yet, no one gets to see these monies.

Watch this video to know the many lies told by the Buhari administration to Nigerians and we believe them;

Politicians, especially, those of the APC mop up these monies and stash them away in warehouses and soakaway pits, while Nigerians suffer and prices of basic goods and services continue to hit the ceiling top.

The President will still be blamed for failing to rein in these corrupt people in his Party until they wrecked the country’s economy through greed, but if he pushes this new economic policy through and ensures a free and fair election, then, we can forgive him for some of the pains he caused us in the last eight years and pity him for been a hostage in the prison of broom wielding witches and wizards.



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