Corporatism Will Kill Us All

My first post on Corporatism described the nature of the disease from an analytical point of view, the ingredients from left and right which make it so virulent and hard to fight and how it is a destroyer of the basic pillars of a civilised society – democracy, truth and prosperity. In fact it is even more dangerous than that! Here we deal with the power of corporatism to destroy humanity itself. In wars, by corruption and by disease.

Big Pharma

One of the chief characteristics of an anti democratic corporatist society is the way parliament and people become the servant of business. Large construction, transport, pharmaceutical or military projects are driven not by Government implementing a democratically expressed need but often by corporations creating “needs” – and the plans, systems and budgets to implement them.

Nowhere is that more blatant than in pharmaceutical corporations and their vaccines where deadly viruses are created with the excuse that “if we don’t create them nature or an enemy will and we need to develop a vaccine.”

The vaccines for COVID 19 have proven obscenely profitable for the vaccine producers who have made tens of billions of dollars in profits for themselves, despite tens of thousands of deaths following vaccination and a cover up of deaths and abortions in vaccine trials (not disclosed until long after millions were vaccinated). See this.

The 1918-1920 flu pandemic killed millions. It was over within two years and no vaccine was developed. Now scientists in the USA and Canada have created by “reverse engineering” an even more deadly version of that flu “in order to create a vaccine for it”: see this.

But we know that COVID emanated from a laboratory in Wuhan China which was doing dangerous “gain of function” work in collaboration with America scientists – who had been forbidden by law to carry out that research in the USA. There is no reason why this new recreation of the 1918 flu should not bring the same disaster.

These dangerous projects are totally out of the control of democratic representatives and are classic corporatist collaborations between ignorant governments who have access to the public’s pocket and corporations whose main incentive is profit seeking.

The Ukraine War

No one denies the value of a strong defence for the democratic nation state but today big multi national corporations seeking markets and armament manufacturers seeking profits (both through lobbying and donations, especially in the USA) are driving NATO and the EU’s Eastern expansion in Europe. Ukraine is a big prize. Despite being the politically ruined, most corrupt and poorest country in Europe (GNI of only $3,540 per head) it is rich in iron ore, manganese, coal reserves, titanium, rock salt, mercury. It is one of the world’s leading steel producers. Fertiliser, chemicals, pesticides, sugar and vegetable oil are significant and it is one of the world’s leading grain exporters  – although nowhere near as big as Russia, the USA and Australia.

The potential for multi national corporate investment and profit is great while the war itself (with tens of billions of US, UK and EU aid used to buy western arms) has proved extremely profitable for those armament corporations. The five largest companies in the world that manufacture weapons are all American: Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics. While the US Stock market has slumped these corporations’ shares have risen between 12 and 20%. What incentive is there for corporate American and its “military industrial complex” (or Congressmen and women funded by defence corporations?) to promote peace in Ukraine?

The profitability of the Ukraine war for US Defence contractors is seen in the invitation to President Zelensky to chair their defence industry conference!

Even more profits will result from EU countries and the UK committing to raise defence spending.


Trillions of Dollars have been committed world wide to “fighting climate change”, funded by extortionate taxes on energy consumers and flowing into the coffers of big business and academic institutions (provided they provide the right kind of climate propaganda). If they dare question that agenda the corporatist fascist media censor and “cancel” them.

Housing and Farms

The giant American investment fund, Blackrock and Lloyds Bank in the UK are buying up homes (in competition with individuals and families, driving up prices) and then letting them to individuals and families. Of course as the beneficiaries of “other people’s money” they are using the people’s own capital (as savers and pensioners) against them and doing so behind the wall of corporate tax privileges not available to individuals, families and small businesses.

The multi billionaire Bill Gates is buying up farms to lease to farmers

The Netherlands government is threatening to reduce farmers by 30%

“Angel Cushing found her way into a meeting of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, a tool of the World Economic Forum to convince farmers to produce less, accept global dictates on how and what to produce, and be happy about it — for the Climate. The meeting was held in the headquarters of Cargil, one of the four packing companies that control the American beef industry. And here’s a shocker – Cargil is experimenting with producing fake meat from plants!” From Catching Fire news


In recent years there have been no shortage of elections. In the UK for instance we have mayoral elections, parish elections, district elections, county elections, national elections and (until recently) European elections. The only trouble is since the major parties all support the same corporatist statist policies votes mean nothing – because the ideological corporatist lockstep of the major parties means there is no real choice.

The dominance in parliament of the professional politician, with no professional background outside parliament, is a denial of democracy. Elections are supposed to send MPs to parliament to represent the people against the power of the State but when they get there those MPs are paid , expense accounted and pensioned by the State with candidate selection tightly controlled by the corporate party apparatus! Those who pay the MP call the tune.

Even that other form of vote – the “money vote” whereby we spend our own money freely in a competitive market means less and less because of corporate market dominance, State interventions, monopolistic markets and corporate tax privileges.


Whether or not it was Joseph Stalin who said “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how” it has never been clearer that this is the case today.

In the USA – and increasingly around the world we don’t have public spirited citizens counting votes but counting machines controlled by corporations! And we know from executives of the USA’s Dominion Voting Systems corporation that many of those responsible have clear and pernicious political agendas. Dominion’s Eric Coomer said he had “f….ed Trump”. The full extent of the vote rigging/vote count rigging in that 2020 election is yet to be acknowledged by the corporatist US media. See this.


There is no greater source of anti democratic corporatist corruption than in supranational organisations who are unelected but claim to represent the “people of the world”. One such organisation is of course the “World Health Organisation” whose first Director General from 1948 to 1953 Dr George Brock Chisholm said:

“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.”

The typical world government megalomaniac has of course utter contempt for individuals, families and nations because they are barriers to his world hegemony – and there is no greater source of that well managed fear which allows the accretion of power than infectious disease.

The head of the WHO Dr Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus, was an Ethiopian communist who as Health Minister was complicit in denying treatment, food and medicines to the Somali people of the Ogaden. At the outset of the COVID 19 crisis he refused to listen to  warnings by Taiwan but went along with the initial cover up by Chinese communists. China is now the biggest donor to the WHO.

The WHO went along with the Pfizer lies about vaccine safety despite trial figures which showed a massive increase in failed pregnancies while WHO tetanus vaccines in Africa covertly contained a sterilisation shot.

That is typical well funded, politically manipulating, unaccountable CORPORATISM


At both the national and international level “charities”, funded with blithe ignorance by politicians, given costly tax allowances, exploiting cheap or unpaid workers and subsidised retail shops are a big source of corruption, tax avoidance and money laundering – and arrogant and exploitative behaviour in the third world as we know from OXFAM’s disgusting behaviour in Haiti (see this). In Britain there are over 160,000 “charities”.

Leading politicians set up charitable “Foundations” (Blair, Clintons** etc) which are a source of gross corruption as donations during and after holding political office are used (after extortionate “expenses”) to “aid” groups and countries where many of the same corporations who donated are employed to carry out the work.

In corporatism, the elitists control the many:

Elitists are not the true elite, they are the self appointed “elites” working in or for big business, big government and the corporate media who control the definition of “elites”. And this will be the subject of the third post in this series on Corporatism where we will consider the rise of the unelected in national and world politics.

This article was originally published on Freenations.

Featured image is from Freenations

Copyright © Rodney Atkinson, Global Research, 2023


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