Chima Nnadi-Oforgu

When the people conclude once and for all, that their government has become the greatest modern threat to Nigerian peace, prosperity and liberty, the rules of the game are going to change dramatically.

Once the people reach a point where they no longer trust anyone in their government, when every government action from the Executive, the Judicial and Legislative branches seem just another lie intended to manipulate the masses into compliance, the people’s complacency will morph into unbridled rage in an instant. With nothing but liberty left to lose, the people will do whatever it takes to reclaim their mandate and deal ruthlessly with those so bold as to directly and overtly assault their sensibilities.

How smart is it for the political elite to push Nigerians into that corner, and how close are we to this moment of truth?

On most days, the average Nigerian is focused on making a living, raising a family, enjoying the fruits of their labor and the freedom and liberty endowed by our Creator. But when the actions of government and its agencies directly interfere with the rights and freedoms of Nigerians, daily routines take a back seat to self preservation.

Nigerians are a hopeful people, no matter the circumstances or odds. They will hope for a better tomorrow no matter what. When they deem that the best hope for tomorrow rests in their own hands rather than in the hands of those who failed to govern wisely, they will take the necessary actions to protect freedom.

Sadly, our government now has such a consistent track record of blatant lies that very few Nigerians trust anything they say or do.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” – This might be the most important statement ever made by late former American president  John F. Kennedy. It is certainly the most unavoidably true statement he ever made.

If the government persist in denying the people any peaceful remedy to the tyrannical theft of their electoral mamdate, I expect that sooner or later, the people will resort to violence. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

Our government is legitimate only when it operates with the vast consent of the governed. Today, more than 60% of Nigerians oppose almost everything going on in Abuja

The bottom line here is that citizens have lost faith, trust and confidence in their elected representatives and that is largely due to a steady diet of overt lies from those servants, their anti-Nigerian policies and a total disregard for the will of the people or consent of the governed.

Worse yet, they are losing hope that there is any peaceful solution to the intentional dismantling of everything they believe in.

When the people lose total faith and all hope in a peaceful solution, nobody is going to like what happens next, least of all the governing elite.

What they thought they could control with fancy speeches full of lies or carefully crafted violations of the rule of law aimed at silencing their critics, will in the end, make the uprisings in the Middle East look like child’s play.

No Nigerian in his or her right mind would call for or hope for violence as a solution to anything. But when liberty is the only thing left to lose, and no peaceful remedies exist, violence becomes the only solution.

Like most Nigerians, I had hoped and still hoping to relish the moment when a Nigerian president voted for and elected by the majority of Nigerians will be sworn into Aso rock. But the brazen activities of government and its agencies in trying to deny Nigerians of their mandate, is recklessly dangerous and an assault on our freedoms and liberty. When all peaceful means of preserving freedom fail, freedom will be preserved by any methods available.

I’m afraid that the ruling class elite have overlooked the reality that, no matter the cost, Nigerians will be free. For if Nigerians are not free, the ruling class would also not be free anywhere on earth. They will be hunted down like the Nazis who the Jews hunted down all over the world after WWII

The outcome is certain, but the cost is not yet known. My hope is that the people will act peacefully and the judiciary is wise enough to respect Nigerians, before only violent options remain.

I pray that the ruling elite come to their senses and realize that when the people lose all faith in the system the rulers have destroyed, the rules of engagement will  change as well. May God have no mercy on their souls if they push Nigerians into that corner…

The day of reckoning draws near.

Chima “Oblong” Nnadi-Oforgu
Duruebube Uzii na Abosi


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