Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

The congratulatory message purportedly from mobil is yet again another desperate search for legitimacy.

Tinubu worked briefly with Mobil oil Nigeria. Not ExxonMobil, there’s a world of difference. Exxon Mobil USA of today will not touch Tinubu with a 10ft pole. Not with all the controversies. Doing so is a sure way to suffer huge brand erosion for such a corporate giant and global brand.

But one clear observation here is that those listed here are All Yoruba Names. No single member of other ethnic groups in Nigeria was listed there. It is 100% people from his ethnic group. What does that tell you?

Ironically, the bulk of Mobil oil operations is from the South South AkwaIbom state. Yet no single Efik or Ibibio name appeared there.

Go and verify how these same people shouting that the Non Yorubas should leave Lagos dominated Mobil Oil in Akwa Ibom. The exploitation is arguable much more than the foreign operators we accuse endlessly.

Expect no less if he ever gets to AsoRock with MC Oluomo and the rest of his urban terrorists. Nepotism is the worst kind of corruption. We must brace up for more of it not less.

The guy Asiwaju stinks like a skunk now. Many are beginning to distance themselves as the Obi legal team have opened the can of worms. For a man that will be president out of 200 million people, not even with the mandate of the people is something that will never ever stand.

Now, the news of yet another Yoruba man the CJN Arioola (supposedly the unbiased final arbitar of one of the most important cases in this century) sneaking around with same Asiwaju is all over the places.

So what has become clear to all is that Asiwaju like Ishiola Oyenusi (the most notorious armed Robber in the Nigeria history, later faced public execution at the BarBeach) is desperate to become the president by any means necessary. He want to steal Nigeria with guns, violence and purchase of anybody or any institution that has a price, needless to say with our stolen common wealth he cornered over the years.

But in a swift reaction to these desperate moves, the Northern power base that clearly understand the art of power play, and the danger Asiwaju Presidency portends for all Nigerians have taken over the fight. First it was Alhaji Atiku Abubakar who characterized Tinubu as Hitler and compared what he instigated his criminal thugs and urban terrorists to unleash on the Non Yorubas in Lagos during the Governorship election of 18th March 2023, especially the Igbos in Lagos as act of genocide.

Then just few days ago, another Son of the North often underestimated and discounted by the Asiwaju camp; the real Vice President elect, Dr. Yusuf Datti Baba Ahmed, sent what’s a clear and unambiguous message to the Tinubu camp and the world at large, that if indeed Asiwaju and his criminal gangs are sworn in, then they have marked the end of Nigeria as we know it.

He made it clear that Tinubu must not be sworn in full stop!

Obviously, VP Datti didn’t speak for himself alone. He didn’t even speak for Obi or Labour party. He spoke on behalf of certain power block, that anyone can ignore to their peril.

So this is not the fight between the Igbos and the Yorubas, no! It is not!

Tinubu and his Urban terrorists may have focused on the Igbos. They may have been guided by the 1967 scenario without realizing that the circumstances that led to the civil war alliances clearly do not apply in this prevailing situation. They do not realize that the actions and inactions of PMB and his APC ruling party dictated by Myatti Allah, has destroyed those alliances. The OBIdient movement, which is arguably the most potent force for change in the world today is the clearest evidence that the Nigeria people have made new alliances.

It is this broadbased alliance that Tinubu and those he may have hoodwinked into this dangerous misadventure are facing today, and if I have to bet on who will ultimately prevail, I will bet on the side of the emerging new Alliance.

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